Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 – Our Latest Review Tells the Tale Of The Brothers With A Troubled Life

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Life Is Strange 2 is the follow up to the highly acclaimed game of the same name, however this time you control and see the story through the eyes of 2 brothers whom are quite close and enjoying life until something unexpected happens, cue the start of the game!

For the most part we enjoyed this first episode, it does a very good job of telling the story and getting us interested in the characters from a very early stage.
We are also not afraid to admit it but we love these cinematic movie type games such as these, as they tend to have a lot of places and items to explore and search.
Plus we also have the ability to select different optional conversation options all of which can lead to unknown outcomes, making us feel more part of the overall experience.

We don’t really have any real issues with this episode, there are many different items to search for all of which can unlock different Trophies and Achievements, giving us the ability to replay the game or certain segments if one wishes to do so.

Thus far the story is very interesting and managed to get us hooked really early and even during the early stages the game managed to play with our heart strings.
Also, we had not yet completed Life Is Strange 1 before playing this one, perhaps a rather amusing way of doing things one may think, since this is meant to be the sequel after all. However, having said that the game does give you the option to either transfer your data from the original game or if your like us, you can also have the game generate a random set of outcomes from the original instead. So it is possible to play this without having played the original first but it may be more fun and feel more like a better continuation if one does manage to complete the original first, your choice of course!


Very enjoyable first episode. The story was really engaging and the characters where really interesting.
The whole aspect of being able to explore various different areas and track down different items was really enjoyable, as too is the optional conversation dialogue options. A lot of the episode made us feel like we really had to think in order to get what we hoped was an outcome in which we wanted.
The whole ability to feel like we are in control of the different outcomes and that these characters lives where in our hands made for a really pleasant experience and that is just episode one!


  • + Different dialogue options made us feel more engaged in the story
    + The characters are interesting as too is the story
    + There are plenty of different areas to search and items to locate
    + The game is packed with replayability value from hunting down trophies and achievements, to hopefully getting a different outcome
  • ​+ Game manages to generate a random set of outcomes from the original Life Is Strange, meaning you can still enjoy the game and perhaps even the first game too.


+ We are limited in where we can explore or just how much of the world we can discover and thus it can feel somewhat linear

Developer: Dontnod Entertainment  / Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 
27th September 2018
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: Adventure
Main Story / Episode Length: 2-3 Hours
Trophy / Achievement Length: 3-4 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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