MAFIA II (2) – Vito Is Back. Crime Hits An All-Time High. Here Is Our Review!

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After playing and watching many Mafia related movies and games in the past, one cant help but get used to that good old Italian/Sicilian accent that are often used in these types of media.

It for us has certainly impacted us enough to now be reminded of the Mafia whenever we hear that accent, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does make us enjoy various different media more if the specific accent is used for the Mafia related subjects.
Unfortunately though there has been times where the accent hasn’t been used during Mafia  related subjects and this does disappoint us somewhat, we all know that places like Sicily is or rather perhaps was one of the major home towns for the mob back in the 30/40s, though we are still lead to believe they still hold a rather strong precedence there too, even today.

Perhaps we are just blinded by originality either way we where at first rather dubious about the Mafia 2 game, though we do love the setting in which they have used to stage the game however we where still unsure if it would resemble the mob enough to make it actually enjoyable enough to play and get the feeling of finding ourselves in the midst of the underworld.

Thankfully as soon as we started the game we ended up finding ourselves rather pleased as each character did have that form of accent and by this point we knew we where in for a treat! 
The whole setting, accents, vehicles and music all managed to captivate us and we became hooked from the very start and our feelings of being dubious was thankfully all lost.

One thing in which we would love to point out is the whole environment, a lot of the game is set in the cold and winter days and they have done really well to show this off and how effective the environment can be during this particular time, thus we cant help but laugh at the various people passing by and slipping on the icy surfaces. I mean come on who hasn’t laughed at such a sight?
Though to some this might be a minor subject to point out, however it does add to the realism of the game and one in which we enjoy too.

The overall combat mechanics are easy and quite straight forward in which one cannot help but get reminded of another certain game in which we enjoy.
None of the combat seems that particularly difficult but it still certainly feels just as rewarding when one manages to knock out another during ‘fisticuff’ matches.

One of our very few minor gripes with the game overall is the fact that each episode is incredibly short, of course we are aware of the fact that if too much content is added can be rather a bad thing. However, the episodes in this particular game seemed perhaps a bit too short, with some missions barely lasting half an hour.
We will admit we did enjoy this game rather a lot so a lot of this issue could be just the fact we where perhaps enjoying it too much that we did not want it to end.


We really loved this game, as a big fan of the Mafia related subjects this game certainly pleased us. The characters where enjoyable and where interesting, the overall plot and story was also rather impressive and enjoyable. With so much attention to detail, realism and how it all seemed to keep to the roots of the subject in general, one cannot really fault this game. 
So if you enjoy Mafia and mob type games then be sure to pick this one up, you can thank us later!

Developer:  2K Games / Publisher: 2K Games
Release Date: 
27th August 2010
Platforms: PC PS3 XBox 360
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 11 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS3

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