Metro Exodus – A Fitting End To An Amazing Series. Our Review Salutes!

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Metro Exodus is the third game in the highly popular survival horror/stealth series. It is also set after the events of Metro Last Light.

However, for us this was our very first experience playing a Metro game. We do own the Metro Redux version but sadly have not played much of it, for reasons that still elude us.
Anyway we did know the consequences of the fact that Exodus is indeed set after these games, still we proceeded to play it regardless.
In all honesty we do not have many regrets with our decision neither.

Metro Exodus has a very interesting and easy to follow storyline that even someone new to the series can still understand it. Basically you are part of a group that wants to escape the Radioactive environment and against all odds, there apparently is a chance for this to happen. Without going into details, the story manages to captivate and is somewhat emotional and you can really feel the hardship of their surroundings.
Not only does the Radioactivity pose a threat but so does the various different beasts and mutants that seem to habitat the areas too.

The overall gameplay is rather enjoyable too. The ability to acquire different weapons and customise them along with your gear is present in the game, as too is an achievement reward if you manage to do this.
The different weapons and gear all have a durability factor too in which if you do not keep them in top condition, they will over time become useless. So make sure you get your duster out and give them a clean and some tender love and care once in a while. 

The game can perhaps feel rather linear with there only being a select few open world chapters to explore, these chapters are not that big in size neither.
They have a few places you can venture to and discover but do not go in expecting Elder Scrolls/Fallout type open world, as you may find yourself feeling rather disappointed. 
Also, the game does not let you return to a previous area if you move onto another mission. However, to remedy this there is the option to select certain chapters from the games main menu, thus no Trophies or Achievements are actually miss-able.

The game also seems to of gone with the quiet environmental approach rather than a vast range of music, this for us personally was rather disappointing due to the fact it got a bit too quiet at times. More music during missions would of been a great overall improvement for us.

The game also features the ability for different multiple endings. These require you to stealth through the game rather than go out guns blazing to get the much better ending, this however was not a real issue for us and if in doubt there is an easy difficulty if you do find yourself struggling.


The game is still enjoyable despite being new to the series. We do not really have too many issues with this title as such, though more music would of been nice.
We also was rather surprised at the character designs, with it being unexpected and managed to throw us off for a bit. Perhaps we are not used to these types of games, after all this was our first experience with a Metro title, perhaps it was the facial animations? Regardless, after a while we became use to it and found ourselves emotionally attached to the cast instead.
Another small complaint and perhaps our biggest issue with the game was the ability to manoeuvre around, the game does feature a sprint button. However, the main character only manages to sprint for near a few minutes and was surprisingly brief, so brief in fact we eventually gave up with this whole idea and proceeded to walk instead. This of course made the game slower to get through but the sprint option is so poor we felt there was no real difference.


+ Very enjoyable storyline. The overall storyline outcome can vary too depending on how you choose to play. Having this option felt great as it was more flexible and less linear.
+ The characters are great as too are the voices behind them. Each character having their own unique personalities and the voice actors seem to have done a good job, managing to express their voices rather well according to the actual in-game event.
+ The game manages to contain good replay value in order to get those pesky trophies and achievements, if this is your kind of thing.


+ The sprint option was rather poor and thus the main character would apparently be out of breath within mere seconds. Even my Grandma could probably run faster and for longer!
+ The lack of music was very much disturbing, though I now the sound of the atmosphere can make a game scary, as too can a good soundtrack.
+ The game does feature some optional side quests but these are very few and far between

Developer: 4A Games / Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: 15th February 2019
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: Action Shooter
Main Story Length: 40 – 48 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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