Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels (DLC): A Much Needed Expansion That Thankfully Fills In The Gaps. Our Latest Review

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Metro Exodus The Two Colonels is the first dlc to be released for Metro Exodus. It covers the story of the Colonel Khlebnikov of the OSKOM response unit.
Not much was known about him during the base game and thus this dlc was created to solve and answer any questions people may have regarding him.

The gameplay is as one would expect dark and it does have a horror survival aspect to it. It’s not much different from the base main game in terms of gameplay and the monsters are rather familiar too.
The only difference is perhaps the dlc focuses more on the underground Metro just like the old games. This we feel felt great and was more enjoyable this way as it sticks to its roots of what made the series great to begin with. However, it also means that it is a lot more linear compared to the main game too.

The weapons are rather limited and mainly just focuses on using the Flamethrower which is a great weapon anyway so it is probably not much of an issue as such.
However, due to this it feels even more linear and perhaps a bit too basic too.

The story is quite enjoyable and emotional. It manages to get the player immersed into the life of the Colonel and the OSKOM team. All of it seems to of been executed rather well.
The OSKOM living their lives obeying orders and protecting the important radiation cures otherwise known as ‘Green Stuff’. One could probably imagine the plot being very much about law and order.


As a massive fan of the Metro game series having played them all, it was a lovely feeling to be able to play the game again after a long hiatus. 
We where truth be told despite being a big fan of the series, we where rather hesitant about buying the dlc for this game. Due to past dlc for the old games being somewhat limited and boring with no real depth to them, we where expecting something very much similar.
Thankfully we where pleasantly surprised and managed to enjoy this one. The game can be rather difficult at times being bombarded with monsters and so many of them, one can often find it difficult to keep them all pinned down. 
The name ‘The Two Colonels’ may of also been rather misleading as you only get to play as the single Colonel and not two of them. The game does feature a familiar character and one whom we personally are a big fan of, but sadly this is rather dimmed down with mere short cutscenes and one cannot help but think that perhaps this particular character was either put in for fan-service or something close to those lines, as it felt like it was not necessary for the character to be included. Still having said that we are also thankful for the inclusion too, just perhaps it would of been nice to have more gameplay with that individual too and then the dlc name ‘Two Colonels’ would of made more sense.

Developer: 4A Games / Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: August 2019
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBox One
Genre: Action FPS
Main Story Length: 2 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 4/5

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