(MHOJ2) My Hero One’s Justice 2 : Go Beyond With Our Latest Review!

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My Hero One’s Justice 2 is the follow-up title to My Hero One’s Justice, both of which are created by the team at BYKING Studios.
It is based on the manga/anime My Hero Academia, which is basically a heroes versus villains show with quite a good storyline and some really well written characters.
We don’t usually watch anime and have probably mentioned this before in our My Hero Ones Justice review but this one is actually rather good!

Anyway as for the game itself, it to be fair isn’t much different from the past game. In fact this game even has the same combat mechanics, the same combos for the returning characters and even the same comic style story too.
Though this may seem like a bad thing and in ways it probably is BUT, considering that it’s more of an easy going fighting game compared to some others out there it can also be considered as a good thing too.
For one, anyone who enjoyed playing as a certain character in the past game may find this game easier to get into and considering that most people will now move onto this game now, there won’t be many people to play against in the old one.
Sadly it can also be considered as a poor thing too and to be honest this is one of the reasons why we just couldn’t properly get into it. Though we do like the whole manga/comic book style story mode layout and we do enjoy the free-flowing easy enough to learn combat system, it does feel like a lazy way to create a video game.
The only real good thing is the additional characters and thus new abilities to learn but its unfortunate that the much older characters couldn’t of changed, even their Plus Ultra attacks are the same. It’s way too much like a copy and paste job in all fairness.
Speaking of new characters, the team did give us quite a good line-up of characters to choose from such as Minoru Mineta, Tamaki Amajiki, Nejire Hado, Mirio Togata for the hero side and as for the villains you now have the opportunity to play as Twice, Overhaul and Kendo Rappa to name but a few. Of course most of the old characters are still there too and with the possibility of upcoming DLC, we are sure there will be at least one character out there that will be interesting enough to play as.
Though most of the game is not much different from the last one, as we have already established. However, there are one or two newly added mechanics such as unique Plus Ultra attacks for certain teams and a more updated mission mode too.
The story though still swinging the comic/manga style does of course contain a different story, unlike the last game which only covered Season 1-2 of the anime/manga, this game manages to cover all of Season 3 and a good chunk of Season 4 too.
The online mode is still a feature within the game, though it can be somewhat buggy. The mode also unlike the last game comes with a new and improved ‘Disconnect Warning’ which hopefully eliminates quite a few of the so called ‘rage quitters’.
It also means that if anyone does try to quit out of an unfinished match they will then have a warning on their accounts and if they choose to keep it up they will then become temporarily banned. 

Though we personally didn’t have any real qualms with the past game, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the fact that this game really did feel like a basic copy and paste job.
Apart from the additional characters and new story, there really isn’t much that we would consider as being new and thus this game feels more like a big expansion rather than a new game.

Also, the online bugs that the team doesn’t seem to be taking any notice of can be an issue, for one it kicks people out of online matches for no reason at all other than server problems and with the new ‘Disconnect Warning’ it can put a lot of other people off playing against you and you can get banned for no fault of your own.

Another issue we had with this game and for us personally is the fact that again just like with their previous game, there is no English voices.
Instead it is all in Japanese with English subtitles. Considering that many other anime style games come with English voices, it is really puzzling as to why this game is different.
We being English much prefer it in English as that is how we watch the anime show and are much more familiar with those lovable voices rather than the Japanese ones, again this is just a personal issue we had with the game.
Developer: Byking Studios  / Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Date: March 13th 2020
Platforms: PS4 XBox One PC Switch
Genre: Fighting
Main Story Length: 7-8 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
SCORE: 3/5

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