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My Hero One’s Justice is based on the hit popular Anime show, My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia as it gets called in Japan.
If your not aware of the Anime, it is a basic heroes versus villains show and really worth watching! We are usually not the type to enjoy many shows but this one really interests us.

Now on with the review. We where really looking forward to playing this one, having really enjoyed watching the Anime thus far, this game fast became a highly anticipated game for us.

However it did not take long until we hit our first of currently many disappointments within the game.
First of all the game unfortunately does not feature English dubs meaning the game is full on Japanese with various optional subtitles to go alongside it, such as either English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
This though perhaps not too much of an issue was still disappointing as we have been watching the show with English dubs and have become more familiar with those voice actors and voices instead of the Japanese voice acting, so unfortunately this was something in which we had to unexpectedly get used to.
We have played quite a few of the Bandai Namco fighting games such as the Naruto Storm series due to this we where expecting a similar type of game.
Whilst the mechanics are quite familiar and are easy enough to pull off compared to other fighting based games, there where a few things we where half expecting but did not sadly get.

For one the story is mainly played out as various different cutscenes in a rather comic manga style form, rather than a semi-open world as seen in some of the Storm games.
So there are no running around different villages and cities and unfortunately there are no side stories or quests to complete.
You can try to aim for particular Ranks at the end of each fight, With Rank ‘S’ being the highest Rank in which you can obtain.
Ranks very much depend on how good you are at the particular fight, so there is a bit of  replayability value there, for those interested.

As well as trying to achieve particular Ranks you can also unlock different costumes and other items in which you can then use to dress up a character of your choosing in the Online Mode.

Also, for those interested the story starts off at the very start of Season 2 of the Anime, we will try not to spoil anything but it starts off where Midoriya meets up with Gran Torino for the first time. 
Whilst this means it skips the entirety of Season 1, it does do a brief recap on it which is unfortunately unplayable and instead lets you watch various different cutscenes showcasing what occurs during that particular season.
So for those having yet to watch Season 2 of the Anime then you will easily be caught up through this game as it basically just interprets everything that is seen on the show.
As another replayability other than trying to achieve particular ranks, is the option to unlock certain bonus rewards during the story. Each mission comes with certain requirements in which unlocks more additional items to use during the online mode. Whilst most of these feature getting the ‘S’ rank, there are ones in which you need to work out and unlock as these particular ones are hidden and are only unlocked once you have pulled off that particular objective.

Many of the fan favourite and popular characters are featured within the game such as of course Midoriya, Aizawa, Tenya Iida, Denki Kaminari, Fumikage Tokoyami, Shodo Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, Stain and our personal favourite All Might.
So with a wide range of playable characters to chose from all with their own unique fight style to try and master, you will be competing for hours to try and become the number 1 hero or of course villain whichever you prefer.
The Online Mode is rather fun and addictive, however another gripe in which we had within the game was that unfortunately to our surprise there was no spectator mode, meaning you cannot watch other players deck it out against each other in-game. Hopefully, it will get added with a later patch or update.
Otherwise the online mode is as competitive as you would expect from an online game, we are also pleased to say that after several hours of grinding in the competitive mode we have never really come across many connection issues.

Very fun game one in which we enjoyed playing both offline and online. With many different features and modes offline all with replayability value added to it, even those whom are not interest in the online part of the game should find something to enjoy and keep them entertained for several hours.
For those seeking an online experience however, then fear not citizens it is just as fun if not more so. With the online mode also housing a Ranking Leaderboard system for you to really duke it out and try to show just who is the best online gamer! Plus Ultra!


+ The offline mode contains several different playable modes and features all of which has replayability value as well as potential unlockable content.
+ Game features many different fan favourite characters from the Anime, all of which is playable right from the start of the game.
+ The game is rather easy to get into and less difficult compared to some other games of the same genre, even us rookies at these style of games managed to win several matches.
+ The online mode is rather fun and addictive as expected with very little connection issues.


+ There is no spectator mode, though it is perhaps not needed it can turn some potential people away.
+ The game only includes the Japanese voice acting only, the game does feature subtitles but for those seeking the English voice acting may find themselves being somewhat disappointed.
Developer:  Bandai Namco Entertainment / Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release Date: October 26th 2018
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBox One, Switch
Genre: Fighting
Story Length: 1 Hour
Platinum Trophy Length: —-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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