(MK11) Mortal Kombat 11 : Great Game Let Down By A Disappointing Story. Our Blood-Splattering Review Has Arrived!

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Mortal Kombat 11 is the 11th game in the series. However, it is also the 3rd game from having been rebooted. Sounds confusing right?
If you can keep up with the story and universe of the series then good for you if, however you are like us and have difficulty with this then the story in this game will be just as confusing.

The story in this game covers a lot of time travel and it does do a lot to confuse you. We will admit we are not exactly that big on the whole series and universe compared to some people. 
Infact Mortal Kombat 11 was our first Mortal Kombat game that we managed to play in several years now but we where looking forward to it.
We did grow up enjoying the original stories from the Arcade and PS2 games. One game that we are very fond of is Shaolin Monks which may not be cannon but was enjoyable as a kid growing up.
We originally found out about Mortal Kombat from randomly watching Mortal Kombat Konquest on television once which I highly recommend even to this day. So we are familiar with the series to an extent coming into this game.
We also opted to watch and get up to date with the events of Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 too, prior to this games release.
We at this point felt we where very clued up on everything. However, after now having completed the story in 11 we are still confused.
Here is why and why we thought the story in this one was well putting it mildly a flop.
Why the series needs a reboot is beyond us. The story in this game felt better than 9 and 10 but was executed terribly due to the whole time travel subject which the entire game focuses on. At the end of it all our minds felt too overwhelmed and that the prior games to this one was all pointless. One cannot help but think that the story writers are perhaps out of ideas now?
Where it will go from here who knows? One issue we also have regarding the series as a whole is the fact that a lot of it does not make sense in terms of character development. For example the unexpected leads to certain character mishaps and potential deaths. None of it makes a huge lick of sense. We will not spoil and only hope that readers know and understand where we are coming from.
Thankfully the story is perhaps not the biggest draw to these games, instead it is perhaps the online play and other featured modes.
For which we are grateful to say are for the most part enjoyable. We have played several matches online now and thanks to a network feature within the game we get next to no slow speed or disconnect issues.
The Fatalities and Brutalities are back and so too is the popular Klassic Towers and Krypt. There are no ‘pay to win’ loot boxes, having said that though there is an option to purchase items through the store. You can also unlock gear for your fighters through either various in-game modes or by performing certain in-game tasks.
With a ton of unlock-able gear and other cutomizable features we have no doubts that this game will keep you hooked for a long time to come!

The game is good and fun, the only let down being the story and the whole idea of it being time travel, it just made things too confusing and perhaps even pointless.
Everything besides the story is near on perfect! With difficulty options to really test your might and unlockables to give your fighters a makeover with, I’m sure people can overlook the dismal story and hopefully enjoy everything else!
It overall was nice to see familiar characters that we have personally not seen in a long time and enjoy another Mortal Kombat game despite years of for some odd reason neglection. In all honesty truth be told we are terrible at fighting games but love the characters and when done correctly the stories too.
Developer: NetherRealm Studios / Publisher: Warner Bros.
Release Date: April 23rd 2019
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One Switch
Genre: Fighting
Main Story Length: 5-6 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——
Platform Reviewed On: PS4

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