Ministerio Del Tiempo : We Solve Puzzles In Our Latest PSVR Review!

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Ministerio Del Tiempo is a puzzle solving game for the PSVR, it pits you the player in having to solve several different puzzles.

The game is very linear and rather basic, it is also quite short.
There is not many puzzles to solve and neither of them are that difficult.
It was nice to see that live action was used and is shown with the characters or rather actors in the game. Not many games are like this any more and for us it is quite saddening as we grew up playing games such as Myst which it too had live action scenes within their games.
Though the show it is based on is apparently Spanish, there is the option to have English voices for those like us whom are not familiar with the Spanish language or know enough to enjoy this title.

We believe this is based on a television show but have in all honesty never watched it, still we where tempted to try it out at least.
We enjoyed the game and considering it is free, it is definitely worth a go. 
It does have its issues with repetitive voice lines which does get annoying after a while.
Developer: Future Lighthouse / Publisher: RTVE
Release Date: October 2017
Platforms: PS4 PSVR, PC VR
Genre: Puzzle
Main Story Length: 15 minutes
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PSVR
Overall Rating: 3/5

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