Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) : Tired, Homesick But Still Life Goes On. Our Review Has Arrived!

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Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC lets you the player control the character of Sam, a character that is all too familiar with the hardship of the radiated environment that is filled with enemies, thugs and other foes that want nothing more than to hunt you down and stop you in your tracks.
After all Sam did work alongside the base game protagonist Artyom and fan favourite Colonel Miller in their desperate struggle to survive and escape from the Metro. 

However, it has been several years since the finale of the base game and thus this will of course feature spoilers for those who have yet to complete it. In this one Sam finds himself all alone in his desperate struggle to return home and go back to his beloved father.
However, before being able to go back home he first needs to find a possible way to do just that and being an American in a foreign country riddled with problems, it’s not going to be easy.

As massive Metro fan it felt great to be able to play the game again with brand new content, it also wasn’t too bad for a Metro dlc neither.
Metro dlc in the past wasn’t exactly great and none of it was really related to the story as it mainly just contained of playing as a brand new character in a pit to survive various different foes. This for us ended up getting rather boring fast, thus the dlc for this one at least was a much more welcome addition.

Though a lot of it is linear still there is the ability to collect certain collectibles such as diary pages and new to the series was the ability to collect different melody music pieces too.
So there is still quite a bit of optional content to be able to sink your teeth into.

Though this specific story dlc wasn’t that necessary as we personally felt that the main game gave off a good enough send off for the series, it was still enjoyable.
Developer: 4A Games / Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: Out Now!
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: FPS 
Main Story Length: 5-6 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
SCORE: 4/5

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