Moons Of Madness : Our Latest Indie Review Takes Us To The Moon Where Not Everything Is As It Seems

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Moons of Madness is an indie Sci-Fi adventure title created by the team at Rock Pocket Games.

It mainly focuses on a small team of which you only really get to see one of them, their job is to explore Space since their base of operations is based there.
However, as the team soon discovers not everything is as expected whilst in Space, as mysteries begin to unravel and their lives now become in danger.
The game is packed full of horror, puzzles and Lovecraft. Whilst you explore through Space unravelling each mystery and finding out just what is causing these mysteries to occur.

The game is rather interesting and the puzzles can be rather a struggle to get through whilst also remaining fun and thus not impossible, personally I think the puzzles are rather good mixing both difficulty and ease quite well.

The game however, is rather linear and there isn’t too much exploring to be had outside of keeping to the overall story. However, the story does manage to do a good enough job and it’s also just about long enough to keep people interested despite this.
Also, with that said a lot of the game does feel recycled. With areas that look all to familiar and a lot of it requiring a bit of back and forth.

It is perhaps another good idea to point out the lack of enemies within the game. If you are expecting to be able to fight hordes of enemies whilst also running to avoid them, you may be quite disappointed as there really is a somewhat lack of enemies to be found. Also, when you do manage to come across something resembling such a thing, the battles against them are quite easy and not challenging enough to even warrant them as much of a threat. This game really is more about exploration and unravelling mysteries  than anything else as well as solving various puzzles of course!

For those interested the Trophies and Achievements are not that difficult to obtain and none of which are missable. However, you may be required to replay the game once or twice to fully collect them all.
Developer: Rock Pocket Games  / Publisher: Funcom
Release Date: March 24th 2020
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: Adventure Horror
Main Story Length: 6-7 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
SCORE: 2/5

​*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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