Moons Of Madness : Solar Panels (Optimal Rotation) Restore Power To Base Puzzle Guide

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One of the many puzzles within Moons of Madness involves the Solar Panels and having to restore power to the base.

It is one of the much earlier puzzles that you will encounter within the story..

Now there are several Solar Panel related puzzles for us to solve here and so with that in mind we shall start off with the one on the left.​

Once you head up the small set of steps you will notice a machine in which you can insert one of the Power Cells, if you didn’t bring the Power Cell from the building you where just in go and fetch it. At this point you should have 2 of them, one if you had to use one on the lift.
You can get one of the Power Cells from the previous building and accessing the Computer Terminal. On the Computer Terminal select the option Unlock Door.

After that head for the other door in this building that was previously locked, the Power Cell should be in here and at this point I would also grab the one that you inserted earlier and the one that Shane will comment on before leaving. You will now have at least 2 Power Cells at this point. You will need to use one on the lift however.
Regardless if you had to do that last step or not you will probably by now only have the one Power Cell left, insert it in order to power up the Solar Panels.

After that push the button on the scanner machine and this will bring up our slightly easy puzzle, well it is easy compared to some of the later puzzles anyway.
At this point you will want to either use the machine that you just pressed the button for or your Biogage (R1 – PS4) in order to move the Solar Panels into a specific position. There is no correct number to set it too, however as long as it’s in the 90% region you should be good to go.​


The next one that we will be looking to solve will be the one right next to it and up yet another set of steps. 

Once again you will need to insert one of the Power Cells and it is up to you if you want to activate the machine next to it or not or simply use your Biogage. ​

Once again regardless if you opt to use the button machine or your Biogage you will once again want the readings to be in the 90% region​


The third and final Solar Panel puzzle is a little hidden as unfortunately the Panels for this one got hit and damaged by a storm.​

You will find them next to the last set of Panels a little battered and thus you will have to look up in order to reach the scanner for this one. Again the number doesn’t matter but again the 90s% region is usually a good place for it. ​

That should complete the Solar Panel puzzle section and you may now continue the story, good work Space Ranger!

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