Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) : How To Unlock All Skins / Costumes / Suits Guide

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Iron Man is known to have quite a wide range of different costumes or in gaming terms I guess you could say, skins or suits. Either way he does have quite a few different ones and in this game that is no different.

Unfortunately quite a lot of them are locked behind pre-order bonuses and thus if you didn’t manage to pre-order the game, then chances are you will never be able to get them.

However, despite that there is still quite a few different costumes or suits skins that do not require you to of pre-ordered. Below is a list of available ones and how to get them;

Unlocked automatically

Scarlet Storm
Destroy 6 enemies with a single Auxiliary Weapon shot.

Simultaneously destroy two enemies with Repulsors, one with each hand.

Hostile Takeover
Destroy enemies with Auxiliary weapons (250 enemies total are needed)

Destroy enemies with melee attacks (50 enemies total are needed)

Destroy 2 enemies with a single rocket punch


Vintage Armor
Unlocked via pre-order

​Ultra Violet Armor

Unlocked via pre-order

Silver Centurion
Unlocked via pre-order

Iron Patriot
Unlocked via pre-order

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