Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) : Iron Grip (Pull – Ups Record) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Marvel’s Iron Man (VR), one of which is Iron Grip.

Iron Grip 
requires players to set a new pull-ups record. Which is actually quite straightforward to be honest and you will probably find yourself unlocking this one without even purposely trying, just like it did for me. As long as your the type that enjoys exploring that is.

As previously mentioned in order to get this one you will need to do a small bit of exploring, you will also need to make sure that you are on Chapter 2 – Reloaded. Actually mentioning Chapter 2 – Reloaded is a bit misleading as you don’t necessarily need to be on that specific chapter, Chapter 2 – Reloaded is however the earliest chance that you will get in order to unlock this one though.

Regardless of the Chapter you will need to be in Tony’s home and more specifically in his Garage. From there head on up to the second floor, it is here where you will see the kitchen and more importantly the Pull-ups exercise equipment.

Simply approach the Pull-ups and work those muscles, simple really!

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