Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) : Iron Man Admits Thor Is Stronger (Easter Egg)

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As like with many games Easter Eggs are a common occurrence, though they may not always come in chocolate form they still do provide quite an entertaining surprise.

This latest one that we stumbled across which we will admit was quite an easy find, though was still totally unexpected regardless, featured Iron Man admitting that Thor was the much stronger individual out of the both of them.

Though lets be honest here, there isn’t many who can take down a Thunder God and it only requires a bit of knowledge and ‘cough’ a look at Mortal Kombat ‘cough’ to realize this. Sorry about the Mortal Kombat reference there, I’m a massive Raiden fangirl if you didn’t already know and both he and Thor are Thunder Gods.

Anyway moving on, this latest Easter Egg in which can be found whilst in Tony’s home in Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) shows Iron Man (well actually Tony since he wasn’t actually in his iconic suit) admitting that Thor is stronger. Still can Iron Man even take out a Thunder God? I’ll admit I’m not that well clued up about Marvel (I’m more of a DC girl personally). However, even a powered up Iron Man is surely no match against the power of electricity, right? A better match-up would actually be Thor Vs Raiden, that would actually be more of a challenge in my eye, as well as a girl’s fan dream of sorts ha!

The Easter Egg can be triggered by using the Weights whilst in the kitchen section of Tony’s Garage.

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