Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) : How To Defeat Ghost (Chapter 7 – Ghost In The Machine) Boss Fight Guide

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Throughout most of the game you will no doubt encounter Ghost, a mysterious and manipulative foe who will be first encountered during Chapter 3 – Hostile Takeover

However, you will not need to actually fight her until much later, not until Chapter 7 – Ghost in the Machine that is, it is here where you will first fight her.
Poor Tony Stark aka Iron Man will be encountering this cunning female assassin right on his doorstep.

​Now Ghost has a total of two different fight phases and neither of which are that difficult.

To begin with you will need to help defend some Turrets, which is easy enough just blast through the enemies that spawn and grab a Power Core every once and a while.​ Now depending on what section of this Turret chaos you are in, you will need to defend up to 3 or 4 in total and if they all get destroyed then it will be Game Over.

I would highly recommend that you aim for the droids that are healing the other droids first, these are usually indicated with the green laser beams that they use.
After playing around with the Turrets we can finally get on with trying to defeat Ghost. 

Now her phase one fight is probably the most easiest phase of the two considering that you can actually see her despite how fast she seems to dart about, just keep her in your line of view and dodge her incoming attacks.​​
What I tend to find as the most easiest strategy here is to keep her in my line of view and do NOT attack her, instead just watch her float about and keeping at a good enough length in order for you to keep an eye on her but still give her the ability to attack you at the same time.

Then when she is about to attack you quickly dodge her..
When she is about to attack you she will go into a sort of teleportation type stance (as seen in the image above), when this happens quickly dodge (I usually choose to boost up and further into the sky).

Then after successfully dodging her attack quickly turn around and attack her using whatever you deem useful. For the first few hits I tended to use Missiles and occasionally choosing to punch her.​
That is all that you need to do for her phase one fight, simple and easy right? Now lets move onto her second phase or form, however you wish to call it..​
For this second and possibly the most challenge phase of the two, you will be getting attacked by at least three green mirror images (Ghosts really, which considering her name makes sense). These ghosts will be attacking with what seems to be arrows, which in a perhaps strange way reminds me of Robin Hood ha!

Thankfully these mirror images tend to stick close to each other and thus you will want to ignore them as the real target is not exactly with them, though she is real close just invisible.

Thus for this part we want to stick close to these mirror images without actually attacking them and if you look closely, you should see a small fast green light of some such floating around near these images
What you want to be aiming for and attacking is the little green particles (as shown in the image above) that flies around with the three mirror images. Now these particles are small and fast so you need to keep your eyes peeled for it. Once you do manage to find these particles go ham and fire your missiles at it, I wouldn’t recommend using your fists or anything else to be honest as chances are you will fail to hit your target.

That is literally all there is to it to be honest, see I told you this fight was easy. Now go and kick some Ghost butt!

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