Marvel’s Iron Man (VR) : How To Defeat Ghost (Chapter 9 – Uncanny Valley) Boss Fight Guide

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Our second real encounter with the mysterious Ghost will be during Chapter 9 – Uncanny Valley.

This chapter consists of a lot of chasing, cargo dropping and oh hey the Laser guy is back. However, for this page we will be focusing on taking care of Ghost who has a new attack which involves Shadow or Clone Jutsu (sorry I have been watching quite a bit of Naruto lately ha!)

If this fight doesn’t remind you of an episode of Naruto then.. well clearly you have never seen the show before.

Anyway moving on ‘cough’.. 

Though we will no doubt end up fighting Ghost before this specific clone phase, we will not be covering that on this page and the reason for this is because those phases are just the same as the fight against Ghost in Chapter 7 – Ghost in the Machine, if however you do end up struggling on those prior encounters then I have a guide for that fight here

However, for this page as already mentioned we will just be covering the clone phase which is her new kind of attack.​
Okay now what makes this specific fight rather troublesome is that our good friend Gunsmith will also be attacking Ghost. However, his help can actually be quite a hindrance as if you get hit by his fancy laser you will actually receive damage. Thus you will have what seems to be the Ghost clones and Gunsmith attacking you, even if the latter one is unintentional.

However, with that said this fight could be completely different for you as I personally have only ever gone through this playthrough, which I got after choosing to side with the Gunsmith. Thus I have no knowledge on what actually happens if you end up choosing to side with Friday instead.

​Okay onto the actual fight…
Okay we now we have what seems to be a lot of Ghosts, however most of which are fake and will respawn once you manage to take them out (which doesn’t actually take much).

However, we will need to attack these clones anyway regardless of what is real and what isn’t, the reason for this is because once you start attacking them you should hopefully see a purple particle that will spawn if you manage to attack enough clones.
As already said once you have taken out enough clones (just go ham on destroying them all). However, when you see these purple particles (as seen in the above image) choose to then ignore the clones and turn your attention to these purple particles and follow them instead.

If you follow these purple particles they will or should lead you to the correct Ghost clone, thus when you reach this said clone attack it and if you followed the particle correctly you should end up attacking the real Ghost.
You see in the image above, the purple particle lead us straight to our real Ghost which is currently standing still and will actually not attack you. So if you don’t like following the purple particles then you can always keep an eye out for a clone that stands still and will not attack, though in our personal opinion following the purple particle is so much easier.
Just keep using this strategy and the fight should be over in a cinch.

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