Man Of Medan : Bad Ending (Not A Sole Survivor) Cinematic Cutscene

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Man of Medan has many different types of endings, one of which is the obvious Bad Ending, which nets you the trophy achievement Not a sole survivor

This means that you have successfully managed to kill every single member of your team, congratulations. It is also probably the easiest ending to get too and will most likely happen during your first playthrough of the game.

If not well you are given plenty of time to kill the members of the team off. One of the first times you can kill off a team member is through Brad.
Brad will end up getting delusional and encounter Fliss and will want to kill her, if you fail to successfully hit the correct button prompts you will end up killing off Fliss.

​There are many more chances like this that will kill off the members of the team and as long as there are only two members left by the end of the game, you will successfully witness the bad ending. Well done.

Please keep in mind the below video isn’t exactly a guide, instead it is merely a video that shows the bad ending. This one isn’t difficult though as long as you keep messing up the different button prompts and basically during scenes where you cannot control your character, go and make a cup of coffee! Hopefully by the time you come back the character would of met their demise

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