Man Of Medan : Good / Best Ending (That’s Something, I Suppose) Cinematic Cutscene

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Man of Medan has many different types of endings, one of which is the obvious Good Ending, which nets you the trophy achievement (Well that’s something, I suppose)

​This requires you to keep the entire party alive and that no one dies throughout the game, which on your first playthrough will probably not happen. However, thankfully the game has a Chapter Select option which will take you to certain chapters in order to redeem any past mistakes.

Now please keep in mind that the below video isn’t exactly a guide on how to keep the party alive, instead it merely shows the good ending cutscene. However, having said that, it isn’t exactly difficult to pull this one off. I personally would recommend you to complete your first playthrough and that way you can unlock the option to select the different chapters, replay your second playthrough that way and if someone dies then exit the game and re-select the chapter once again.

It will start that said chapter from the beginning but keep the saved data from your last chapter, this is probably the most easiest way to pull this off!

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