Stones Of Solace – Our Latest Indie Review Lets Us Give Offerings Of Worship

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Stones of Solace is an indie title created by a 2-man army over at Ice Water Games. I was lucky enough to receive a code to try out the game and thus give a review for it.

The game focuses a lot on idols and giving them offerings and this is generally what the game is about.
You are tasked on creating wonderful designs and are limited to a certain area for these designs, which is not that bad considering the area is quite large and in our opinion enough for what is necessary.
These designs are created using shells, plants and various other such items and you can let your imagination run free too.
From what we managed to play the idols change daily and the area in which you design your magnificent art is also the same, this may change though as the game continues.
However, we where not able to continue onward from the first idol due to the games limitations
The music is nice and relaxing and considering our often hectic life was very pleasing to the ear, we couldn’t help but spend a great deal of time sitting just listening to it.

A very relaxing game that requires very little effort to get anything done and complete.
It is probably aimed for a younger audience than ourselves or those that just enjoy dabbling in video games.
We enjoyed what we managed to play of it however limited the game may be. Considering it is free to play too, one cannot complain too much.
Very basic and easy so if you enjoy that kind of game then perhaps this is a good title for you?
Developer: Ice Water Games  / Publisher: Ice Water Games
Release Date: 20th August 2019
Platforms: PC
Genre: Minimalist Atmospheric
Main Story Length: N/A
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PC
Overall Rating: 2/5

​​*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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