Superball Wrestle Yes (SBWY) : Our Next Indie Review Lets Us Play With Party Balls!

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Superball Wrestle Yes is an Indie physics based combat game that is created by the team at FirstPlaceGames.

The game allows for both single and multiplayer depending on how you wish to play. The multiplayer allows you to play with up to 2 or more friends and can be quite a fun little party game.

As for single player whilst this can be considered a good thing for those unable to play with anyone else, it unfortunately can get quite boring rather fast unfortunately.
The computer does however, do a good job of replacing that lovely invisible friend and can provide quite a challenge in order to beat.
The main drawback for us however, is the fact that we in all honesty had no clear indication as to what to do whilst playing the game. The only in-game tutorial in which we had was how to activate certain modes and there sadly was nothing when it came to wondering how to win each round.
Speaking of rounds, there are quite a few to go through and try and claim victory in, some of which are fun and easy whilst others can remain quite a challenge.
The music was our particular favourite feature, offering rather catchy and addictive little tunes which made us want to dance rather than play the actual game.

Another plus side in which we want to also add is the fact that the game works really well with both the usual Keyboard and Mouse as well as the PS4 Controller.
As we are not really accustomed to PC gaming exactly this made things so much easier and more fun to play.

A nice little indie game which is probably best suited for multiplayer and when you have a few friends around.
Our main worry is that it may get stale and boring without a lot of stages being added to it, as it seems limited at present.


+ A nice little novelty game for you and your friends to enjoy.
+ Music is very catchy and enjoyable
+ Game features both single and multiplayer
+ Game works really well with both Keyboard and Mouse plus a PS4 controller


+ There are no real tutorials for how to complete each stage and thus we are left wondering what exactly we are even doing
+ The stages seem very limited but this of course can be changed and improved on
Developer: FirstPlaceGames  / Publisher: FirstPlaceGames
Release Date: 
19th June 2018
Platforms: PC
Genre: Physics Based Combat
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*
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