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Super Space Shooter 2077 is an indie game created by solo indie developer on Twitter @HyperLemonPL, who at the age of only 14 managed to come up with quite a very basic but yet addictive game.

Being a basic game such as this may turn a lot of people away however we actually managed to enjoy this one quite a bit. 

The controls where easy and just as basic as the game itself and overall it feels like a fun and addictive little space shooter.

The game though unfortunately only compromising of very few musical tracks it surprisingly does not feel like too much of a let down as we enjoyed those tracks very much as they are very upbeat which fits the game perfectly, it surprisingly manages to get you into that mood for blasting down those pesky Asteroids!

The game though sadly only being single player it does however feature a scoreboard so you can keep up to date with your latest scores and of course if your up for it you can always challenge yourself by setting new records which we feel is great and manages to keep the game continuing to feel fresh and addictive.
We are not afraid to admit we are perhaps not the best at these types of games often finding ourselves lost in space forever as we burst into pieces having being hit by an enemy attack on a number of occasions. However thankfully that did not put us off from playing and enjoying the game as if you too find yourself being as bad at the game as we are the game does occasionally feel somewhat generous as it aids you during your journey through Space with various different as we like to call ‘gift boxes’.
Each containing either a new weapon or a much needed Health Pack, to hopefully keep you going for a little while longer at least.

For a young 14 year old solo developer to of created something like this we are very impressed. The game is very addictive and fun and can keep you playing for hours, so strap on your Space suit and join the fight! Highly recommended! 


+ Music is really great but perhaps adding more would make it even more interesting!
+ Basic game with basic controls which makes the game more fun and understanding as well as more appealing for a wider audience.
+ Having a Scoreboard is a great feature to keep people playing.
+ Adding Health packs and Bonus weapons is also a great addition.


+ We do not really have many issues with this game perhaps surprisingly enough. Very basic and interesting game.
Developer:  HyperGamesDev / Publisher: HyperGamesDev
Release Date: 
May 2018
Platforms: PC
Genre: Space Shooter
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*
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