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The Occupation is an Indie developed game. It pits you as a a Detective type individual who is seeking to find the culprit who blew up a building killing several people, including a husband of one of the games main protagonists. 

Though in reality there are several main protagonists, you mainly complete and do tasks with a single person.
The story is quite gripping and interesting. Each character speaks in a first-person perspective, helping give a more detailed view on how they feel about the incident and what exactly is going on. I found this very helpful and it made the overall game feel more immersive.

The gameplay is fun and the npc can be rather interesting. Your given a time frame per chapter after which you will be given the option to interview a suspect, the questions you give each suspect depends on the amount of evidence you manage to conjure up within that allotted time.
As perhaps expected having a time frame getting all of the required evidence and leads to each one can be quite tough. However, if your a completionist this is a task you will be required to complete.

The game felt very old set in a world where Floppy Disks are still in use, which for us also felt rather nostalgic. We also loved the feature of collecting the evidence and having to copy and print each piece off to use for questioning later. chunky PCs and Floppy Disks, the nostalgia within this game made it somehow relaxing and despite having a time frame to complete each chapter we couldn’t help but feel relaxed and at peace with everything.


It is a nice little game with a lot of potential. I personally feel like it would a great game to speedrun if one enjoys that kind of thing, the whole being timed to find clues and such gives off that feel as it in general feels like it was perhaps targeted for those specific individuals.
However, if speed running is not for you I feel like this game can also be enjoyable too as getting all the required clues is not exactly a mandatory thing and you can still progress the game regardless.
The story is quite short only housing one or two different overall chapters. Still it is a fun little game especially if you can find it cheap somewhere.
It is also perhaps an easy game to also get that elusive 100% completion too, having only sixteen different achievements within the game.

Developer: White Paper Games  / Publisher: Humble Bundle
Release Date: 5th March 2019
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: Crime Adventure
Main Story Length: 10-20 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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