The Quiet Man : A Mysterious Love Drama With A Twist. Here Is Our Review

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The Quiet Man is a game that mixes both in-game cinematic and gameplay with live action scenes.
It is very rare to see a game that manages to pull this off, whilst it was more notable back in the 90s it is unfortunately not such a popular genre any more.
Thus for us being able to play this managed to feel somewhat nostalgic for us, after having  played similar style games back in the day.

We managed to play both the non-voiced playthrough and the voiced version too and whilst it is obvious to say that the voiced version gives for a more enjoyable and understanding perspective on the game overall, the non-voiced version was also enjoyable mostly due to the fact that you can experience just how the main protagonist and deaf people in general adjust to life.

The game has an interesting storyline featuring a lot on revenge with many twists and turns mixed in.
Unfortunately though whilst the games story is somewhat enjoyable it is sadly let down by what feels like a confusing combat system that does not feature any tutorials and thus your often left feeling confused as to why the opponent is not taking any damage.
It also feels very basic and at times rushed too, however the game is perhaps shown for this due to how cheap it is to purchase.

The story is also rather short spanning around just over an hour, though thankfully to keep the replayability going there is the option to unlock various different Trophies and Achievements, if one wishes to do so.


An interesting game that is unfortunately let down by the generic gameplay and combat system which feels rather frustrating at times and basic too.
We do love the whole live action sequences though and it does make the game more enjoyable overall.


+ The Live Action sequences are very enjoyable and for us nostalgic too.
+ The story is rather nicely put together with a mix of some rather emotional twists and turns.


+ The combat is very basic and due to the lack of a tutorial system can also be somewhat frustrating.
+ The overall gameplay feels rather old and generic, often making us feel bored. 

Developer:  Human Head Studios / Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 
November 1st 2018
Platforms: PC PS4
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 1.5 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 2 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
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