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The Sinking City is regarded as a horror style game that if your familiar with it can also be regarded as being similar to games such as Call of Cathulu.
You play as a Detective whom has a strange problem, he keeps seeing visions that end up haunting him regularly and this becomes all too apparent early in the game.
The main character is on the search for why these visions occur but along the way he bumps into various different crimes or basically gets side tracked I guess you would say.

There are many different crimes to solve and thanks to the Mind Palace feature which will be familiar to those whom play the Sherlock games created by the same company. 
These crimes can have different results, you can choose what results you want at the end of each case but keep in mind that specific ones lead to Trophies and Achievements, so if your that kind of person just make sure to know how to tackle these cases before hand.

The environment itself can often feel very eerie and has many times sent a chill down our spines. The music soundtrack helps with this too and one cannot help but think of those Silent Hill games when it comes to this one.
Everything seems all run down and people are often found having some sort of strange panic attack, you never know who to trust.

The gameplay is rather enjoyable. Keep in mind though that items especially ammo is very hard to come by, we where often running low on ammunition and it didn’t really feel that great.
Thankfully we never had any issues with finding and creating Healing items, though having said that there are several different difficulty levels to chose from.
There is the option of creating and crafting ammunition and items using different material that you can find during your adventure, this was rather useful and its not difficult to craft as you simply only need to find the correct materials.

The voice acting was okay a bit strange at times but overall I feel that enough effort was put into it to make it enjoyable still. As a potential disappointment there wasn’t much in the way of monsters to kill, with only one or two bosses to fend off which are not that difficult. 
It seems the game relies a lot on suspense and music rather than anything else. Having said that the whole crime solving made it enjoyable still.
Each case you work on has a specific amount of evidence to collect, great for those that enjoy getting 100% out of everything. 


We enjoyed this one. The whole crime solving and finding different pieces of evidence was really fun and made us feel like a real detective. We are familiar with the company’s Sherlock games and thus in a way due to the various familiar aspects such as the Mind Palace, it felt nostalgic for us. 
There isn’t much in the way of side content but there are a few optional cases to enjoy, each having its own story of murder solving or theft.

Developer: Frogwares  / Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Release Date: June 27th 2019
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One Switch
Genre: Survival Horror
Main Story Length: 15+ Hrs
Platinum Trophy Length: 20+ Hrs
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
Overall Rating: 4/5

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