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Trawel is an indie game created by solo developer and Twitter user @realDragon, reviewing this game was also our fifth indie game review we had the pleasure of being able to review too.

The moment we booted the game up we instantly got a very nostalgic feeling as Trawel is as they say very ‘old school’ having been created to feel like an old Windows DOS game from the 1990s, this we feel was a nice change having not really played anything like this in quite a long time.

The nostalgia of the game made the game feel somewhat addictive and fun, though as it does feel rather old and different it may unfortunately only appeal to a certain audience.

The game also unfortunately does lack a soundtrack which can be for some rather disappointing, however this can also be considered to be a rather opportune time to crank on a pair of headphones and some music, perhaps some old Windows DOS game music would lighten the mood?

As the overall game is very text heavy one would definitely need to have a good imagination in order to play and enjoy this particular game, the game also lacks any form of pictures one would perhaps expect from text heavy games such as Visual Novels.

It is more of an interactive reading book for those unfamiliar with Windows DOS type games such as these. Whilst this may not be too bad of an idea it does unfortunately limit the audience quite a bit in this day and age.

On the plus side the game does feature the ability to play as several different classes and races, though with the latter the game sadly does not do too good of a job in letting the players know this and it was by sheer coincidence of having to reboot the game several times in order to realize this feature was indeed part of the game.
Having the ability to play as different races and classes is a great feature, nonetheless allowing the players to be able to discover the different paths and routes one can take whilst playing as these various different characters.

As we continued to play this game we also every now and then came across a slight little niggle as we where prompted to select a number of different options, we couldn’t help but notice that certain ones where not working.
As we tried to select this specific option we found ourselves with the game giving us the exact same message and thus felt like we had hit a sudden circle with no possible way of advancing other than to exit the game altogether.

We also couldn’t help but feel that the game could do with some major improvements on the dialogue which considering the type of game in which it is would obviously benefit from this quite a bit.
We often felt like we where traversing and going nowhere and all of it felt rather too familiar of exploring shops and fighting in combat arenas, there truthfully speaking felt like there was no real story to this and it all eventually ended up feeling like a never ending journey to the world of roundabouts, as each optional path took us to all too familiar places just with different names and thus the game lost quite a bit of its appeal rather too quickly unfortunately.


It isn’t too bad of a game giving the fact that the entire game was created by a single individual. However we also feel like this game could do with some major improvements especially on the dialogue, adding more of a story to it would really be beneficial if nothing else.


+ Game is unique and different to this day and age, very nostalgic which can be a good thing.
+ Different character classes and races all of which have their own unique abilities and specifications.
+ Easy enough to play.
+ Different optional paths and routes in which you can take makes the game feel more enjoyable.


+ Needs a better story build-up, just traversing what seems like the same thing can become rather tiresome.
+ Perhaps adding some music would keep people more interested and keep their attention on the game longer.

Developer: realDragon  / Publisher: realDragon
Release Date: 
June 2018
Platforms: PC
Genre: An open world, command-line text-adventure duelling simulation
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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