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Truberbrook is a Point and Click Adventure title created by Indie German company, Headup Games.
The story pits you as a man who manages to win a trip to Truberbrook. On a trip he figures would be a great vacation, it soon turns out that things do not quite go as expected.

The gameplay is nice and for us specifically it felt like a nice game to relax to, with it being much more calm and peaceful compared to games we normally play.
Having the ability to travel around and simply click on various different objects does seem to have its fun and interesting aspects.
It is such a shame that we now live in a world where games such as these are becoming increasingly more difficult and rare to find.

The game has a nice soundtrack though for us at least it is not that memorable, still it does a good enough job to capture the atmosphere rather well.

The voice acting is not too bad, though it isn’t exactly that great neither. With a lot of the voicing seeming to lack any real emotion, it is rather hard to engage in anything that is being said and it felt more like the voice actors where bored with their work.
There are also times where the editing on the voices seems to of accidentally been missed and thus sometimes the characters would talk over one another, which as you can imagine can make trying to understand what is going on rather difficult.
Having said that though, the voice acting is still good enough to not bother us too much and the editing for the most part is actually really good. Just with a little bit more time and effort it would of been near on perfect.

For those interested there is subtitles available within the game and the game also features the ability to play with either English or German voices. For those of you that enjoy subtitles you can also switch language with those too, having many different languages to chose from, if the voice option doesn’t suit you then this one surely will!


The game despite some flaws here and there, for the most part it is really good and fun to play. The ending could of been better implemented, we where stuck on what exactly we had to do for quite a while during this segment.
In general though the puzzles are not too bad and is helped a lot with the ability to press a button and then be presented with certain clickable objects.
The game can feel rather linear too with the fact it only has a small selection of areas in which you can explore. It is also a rather short game, we managed to complete it within 7-8 hours without any real issues.
So if your looking for an easy enough, quick and short point and click title then this one should please you!

Developer: HeadUp Games / Publisher: Whisper Games
Release Date: 18/4/2019 (PS4)
Platforms: PC PS4
Genre: Adventure
Main Story Length: 8-9 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
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