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We Happy Few was first released back in 2006 for the Windows PC and managed to receive mixed reviews from many different people, however we where still tempted to at least try it out and here is our verdict! 

At first we where a bit unsure of what we had let ourselves in for as we where instantly greeted by minor yet noticeable frame rate drops, which often enough never leads to anything good.
However as the first cutscene came and went and the game actually let us be in control these minor frame rate issues also seemed to pack its bags too and left with it.

We where also rather amazed at the option to choose large subtitles too which is always a massive bonus to us, so thumbs up on that decision. Playing at a distance often enough not managing to catch everything that is being said makes this feature a huge deal to us.

The overall combat and ability to chose different items to either use or cause a distraction, was so easy to pull off and made for an enjoyable journey through the vast world of Wellington Wells.
We had zero issues with any of the gameplay mechanics at all, which made the game thoroughly enjoyable and very much appreciated. Everything seemed very much fluid and easy enough to navigate through.

Though we do have to admit and we do respect the fact that this is mainly due to the vast open world in which the game resides in, thus is often expected with these types of games.
However the loading screens are very frequent and can be somewhat long. We would probably end up being able to make a nice Cup of hot Coffee before the loading screen had ended.
Not a feature in which we enjoy despite the helpful hints that come with it, though one in which is often found in vast open world games such as this so alas also understandable.

This game can also punish you if you decide to play against the rules too which is fun though somewhat taxing too, every move you make can result in turning villages against you including the style of clothing you choose to wear. So whether or not you want to abide by the rules or find yourself being slaughtered by dozens of overdosed townsfolk is of course up to you.

With 3 different characters to play each with a lengthy story that interwovens with each other and quite a large quantity of available side activities you will find yourself playing for many hours. So why not become a resident of Wellington Wells and join in the fun? oh! and remember to always take your Joy pills.


Whilst the overall plot may perhaps put people off as lets face it the whole ‘Joy’ pill can result in mixed opinions, however underneath all of this does live a rather interesting set of storylines for each of the 3 playable characters, which as already stated does open up more as the game progresses.
We managed to enjoy this game quite a bit although we have to admit the whole having to be happy on pills aspect can be rather frustrating, if your perhaps lost or in a hurry and suddenly find yourself in an awkward situation if you have yet to blend in with the locals, it can certainly keep you on your toes.


+ Interesting storylines with all 3 of the playable characters that does eventually interwoven with each other, making for a bigger impactful story in the long run.
+ Each playable character seems quite intriguing making the game much more fun to play as well as making you feel more interested in finding out more about them
+ Has plenty of side activities in which you can enjoy as well as the ability to craft certain items that can aid you in your adventures
+ Each playable story seems to be rather lengthy so you shouldn’t find yourself feeling bored any time soon.


+ The whole ‘Joy’ pill whilst being a big part of the game overall, it can be frustrating to make sure your stocked up on them whilst out around populated locations.
+ The loading times though half expected in vast open world games such as this one can be rather long and tiresome to wait through

Developer:  Compulsion Games / Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Release Date: 
10th August 2018
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Genre: Action Adventure
Story Length: 18 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
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