Viking: Sigurd’s Adventure – We Put Our Platforming Skills Into Action In Our Latest Indie Review

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Viking Sigurd’s Adventure is an Action Platform Indie title created by Areal Czech

The game consists of many different levels and stages which are all set out in a rather open world, sort of resembling an old Mario title of such.
The gameplay itself is rather fun and addictive. Each stage featuring collectables in order to find and collect if one wishes to do so, there are also hidden in-game Achievements to unlock too, all of which helps keep the game from turning boring and stale. Thanks to this there is a lot of replay-ability to be had too.

Only one major drawback in which we had was the fact that your limited on how many times you can upgrade your skills and abilities, to help remedy this you need to purchase in-game currency in order to progress, via an actual Online Store.
This we see in a lot of games now and thankfully they are optional and this game is no different. Though, the option is there it is not exactly required and for the first section of the game at least is not needed.

With that being said the game does manage to feature a small but varied skill tree, which allows you to improve your strength and probability of finding better items from foes you vanquish during your journey.

The game also allows play of combining both the Keyboard and Mouse, sadly though it does not seem to offer the ability to play using a Controller. This is rather unfortunate for someone like us who is more accustomed to using a Controller. 
Thankfully though, the game is very much playable using a bare minimum of three to four different buttons so despite this the game is still very much easy to get used to and play.

Whilst the game does offer the chance to play either using an Axe, Sword or Ranged Weapon. It does not seem like either has any benefiting feature over the other, meaning it all basically comes down to your personal preference.
Which though it may seem strange can perhaps please those who do have a preference. So whether your the Axe Smashing type person, Sword Slaying type or even the Stealthy Ranged Assassin it is all up to you.

One of the nicer features of the game is the fact you get rewarded each day you opt to play the game, rewarding you for your commitment to the game and giving you some nice bonus items to help aid in your adventure.


Good game with a lot of potential. We are perhaps not the best at Platform games, having played and failed at so many in the past.
Having said that we do enjoy them and look forward to playing more of this game in the future. We have no real gripe with this game and can see that a lot of effort has been put into creating it.


+ Controls are easy and only require a few buttons in order to play.
+ Plenty of nice puzzles and foes to vanquish. Makes for an overall enjoyable game.
+ Being rewarded for your commitment to the game is a nice feature


+ Sadly there is no Controller option, though it is perhaps not necessary it would be a nice feature for those whom are more accustomed to using one.
+ Having to turn to the Online Shop for purchasing further skills and abilities is an off put but thankfully is optional.
+ For the most part the Weapons do not seem to be much of an option. As neither offer much of a difference.

Developer: Areal Czech  / Publisher: GameDEN
Release Date: 18th February 2019
Platforms: PC
Genre: Action Platformer
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

​*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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