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Vampyr is set in a bleak world where a plague is forming and turning people into Vampires.
The environments and soundtrack really makes you realize just how much the City of London is really suffering, every corner you turn sadness and turmoil isn’t far behind. 

One of our personal favourite features in the game and one of which we feel has to be mentioned is the use of the ‘L3’ button, in which gives you an idea of where nearby npc are located as well as giving you a somewhat detailed insight as to what an enemies weakness may be, this we feel is super helpful during quests and when searching for that one pesky npc who tends to love playing hide and seek on a frequent daily basis.

Whilst the movement in the game feels fluid unfortunately the same thing cannot be said about the combat mechanics. Often we are finding ourselves quickly ambushed despite trying to approach foes cautiously, and whilst there is the option to target a particular individual we often find the targeting system easily looses track of this individual and thus we keep on having to re-target which can be somewhat of a nuisance, and whilst being ganged up on is unsurprisingly not very fun.

However the game does feature plenty of quests and areas to explore which can keep you playing for hours on end. Giving you the option to complete quests freely without having to progress through the story first is also quite nice if you ever find yourself needing a break from time to time.

The game is also packed with many different dialogue options which can open up more possibilities in your never ending hunt to complete certain tasks. 
Each npc you speak to has their own individual tree in which you can unlock various different dialogue paths to find more about them and any particular individuals they may be acquainted with.


We feel this game has potential but unfortunately the combat lets it down and thus due to this despite wanting to enjoy this game unfortunately we feel we cannot.
However we have to give it credit for the amount of content in which it holds, warning you may just find yourselves playing this game for hours quite easily without even realizing it, but please don’t bother your neighbours sucking blood may be considered a crime in your area.


+ The game has plenty of content to sink your teeth into.
+ The different dialogue paths in which you can unlock is rather fun and can make talking to npcs really interesting.
+ Having the ability to use different weapons and abilities can be rather enjoyable.
+ A vast amount of collectibles to hunt and track down if that kind of thing wets your appetite.


+ The combat system needs improving with the auto target loosing track of the individual far too easy.
+ Just a personal preference but I do enjoy my games having the option of larger and bigger font sizes.

Developer:  Dontnod Entertainment / Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 
June 5th 2018
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Genre: Action RPG
Story Length: ———
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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