(TLOU2) The Last Of Us 2 : So Great And Small (Engraved Ring) Easter Egg Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can find within (TLOU2) The Last of Us 2, one of which is So Great and Small

So Great and Small 
is actually an Easter Egg from the video game Uncharted, which was also developed by the team at Naughty Dog. Anyway this trophy achievement requires you to find the engraved ring

In order to begin you will need to be on Day 1 – Downtown and reach the sign with the checkpoint. 

Keep riding north and onward under the bridge (shown in the picture above), after passing the bridge start to head North West a bit until you reach a damaged building (as seen below)

This is actually the Bank and you can gain access to it by following the path down and through a crack in the wall. There will be some enemies here so watch out. 

From there you will need to find the vault which isn’t actually far away, so you shouldn’t struggle finding it. Then insert the code 602306

Once inside look for a drawer that you can pull open, inside will be a ring and the trophy achievement along with it.

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