(TLOU2) The Last Of Us 2 : Looks Good On You (Hat On Companion) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that can be found within (TLOU2) The Last of Us 2, one of which is Looks Good on You

Looks Good on You 
requires players to put a hat on your companion. This can actually be done with the character Joel during the Chapter 2 – Seattle Day 1 : The Birthday Gift 

During the Birthday Gift segment you should eventually arrive at Wyoming Museum

As soon as you enter the Museum head to the right and it is here where you should be able to find a Gift Shop.

You should see the hat just hanging here so go and examine it (as seen in the image above) it is hanging on the stand here. After examining it Ellie will be the one to wear it, putting it on Joel will have to wait for now as we need to complete other things first!​

As Ellie is now wearing the hat head over to the dinosaur here and examine it. It doesn’t really matter what dinosaur wears the hat as long as it does. There are more in the other room if you would like a particular favourite to wear it, so cute..

You will need to put the hat on at least 2 different dinosaurs. 

From there take the hat back and now you can finally put the hat on Joel..

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