(TLOU2) The Last Of Us 2 : Relic Of The Sages (Strange Artifact) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can find within (TLOU2) The Last of Us 2, one of which is Relic of the Sages

Relic of the Sages
 requires players to find the strange artifact. This can actually be done during Chapter 6 – Seattle Day 1 : Hostile Territory.

Once you arrive on the Hostile Territory chapter where you will be in Chinatown, you will need to find the Jasmine Bakery store.

Head past there and continue on down the small alleyway and the building you will want to be in will be at the bottom of the street (as seen in the image below)

When you enter here keep going through the next door. You will be greeted by a set of stairs which you will want to follow up. On the second floor you may find yourself at a dead end, worry not because it isn’t.

In fact at the far end of this floor you should come across a table and random obstacles that block the door, climb under this.

There will be monsters on the other side so watch out. After clearing those out of the way you will then want to jump across from this building to the one next to it (as seen in the image below)

Follow the next building around and in the corner inside the back room next to a small fan will be what you are looking for. 

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