(TLOU2) The Last Of Us 2 : Sharpshooter (Marksman Competition) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements in which you can unlock within (TLOU2) The Last of Us 2, one of which is Sharpshooter

requires players to win the marksman competition. This one can actually be unlocked during Chapter 6 – Seattle Day 1 : The Stadium.

This one will actually be story related (well at least getting to the actual place will be anyway). When you go to examine your weapons and you see your companion standing by a blue ‘Gun Range‘ door, this is where you will want to be so enter the door and let us begin..

Your goal here is to beat your companion Manny. Now in order to win this you will want to keep in mind the following;

+ Do NOT aim for the head as it will be difficult to hit
+ You get MORE points if you get a shot on the red target. So keep aiming in the center
+ You only get 9 chances otherwise you will run out of ammunition, so aim carefully. 

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