(LBP3) Little Big Planet 3 – We Play With Socks & Sacks In This Review

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This next review gets us playing with socks and sacks. Yes, I’ll admit this particular game is very much different from the types of games I usually find myself playing, still…

Anyway (LBP3) Little Big Planet 3 is a puzzle platform title by the creators over at Sumo Digital. It features several playable characters, including the return of Sackboy. Each available character comes complete with their own unique abilities, allowing for a unique gameplay experience.

The game was originally released back in 2014 and has since managed to release on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Thankfully it is currently also on a 50% discount too, so we decided to try it out.

I, as you have probably already worked out by now, have never played any of the previous Little Big Planet games. This game was a complete change to our usual gaming line-up.

However, as well as the game currently being on discount, another reason why I decided to purchase this specific title was due to the fact that I was going through a bit of an episode in my life. By this I simply mean that I had just come off from binge watching the entirety of the House MD Tv Show for the first time, which stars the actor Hugh Laurie.

Hugh Laurie, coincidentally enough, also managed to lend his voice to Little Big Planet 3. Where he manages to voice the crazy yet delightful character of Newton. Yes, Little Big Planet 3 is nothing like the House MD Tv Show but with Hugh Laurie being involved, the game still had some spark to it, so to speak.

Anyway moving swiftly on. The game not only features Hugh Laurie but it also managed to feature the actor Stephen Fry too, who has apparently managed to narrate all of the previous Little Big Planet games too. All of which is quite amazing really! Since both actors are considered to be friends, it was nice to have them both in the game.

At first players are limited to only being able to play as Sackboy. With their first task being in order to unlock their fellow companions and take down the Titans that were once sealed away by Bunkum’s heroes. With Bunkum being the world that our heroes now find themselves in.

In order to continue with the game players will then find themselves being able to travel to different areas and stages. Each stage will feature its own set of levels and quests that players can then undertake.

During these levels there will be many different collectibles to find and collect. These mostly include stickers and decorations which will then count towards your overall level completion. If you happen to miss out on collecting them, then players can then redo the level as many times as they wish until they have successfully completed everything the game has to offer.

The stickers and decorations that players can find and collect can then be added to customize the look of your sack or sock character. From different costumes to even being able to decorate your Pod.

As mentioned before, if completing the main story is a bit too much right now, then the game also offers the ability to complete various optional side quests. These side quests can include anything from being able to race and customize vehicles, to a variety of everything else.

The game has some really interesting and enjoyable music, that have been composed by a range of different musical artists. Including Winifred Phillips (God of War, Assassins Creed III: Liberation), Tashaki Miyaki and many more..

As you continue through the story you will be able to unlock a range of different equipment that can help you progress. Though, this is mainly limited to Sockboy, as the companions don’t really require the use of anything outside of their own unique abilities.

The game also offers the ability to play alongside other players. Though we did not take advantage of this. Given the age of the title we did not expect anyone to even want to join us in an online game. Surprisingly though, we did get a few online invites. So despite its ages, it is still clear that many people still enjoy playing through the game and that joining other online sessions is still very much possible. However, playing online with other people is very much optional as the game can still be played and completed whilst playing solo.

Having said that though, there are times where playing alongside others is a requirement. Though, this only occurs when you are wanting to unlock any collectibles. A lot of the collectibles are, unfortunately, hidden behind multiplayer gameplay sections. Again, this does not apply to those simply wanting to just play for fun and to complete the story.

Little Big Planet 3 also offers other optional gameplay modes. This time in the form of completing various different optional gameplay levels. Which can be accessed through the main menu. We, unfortunately, did not really take advantage of this. However, the option is there if one chooses to try and complete them.


Little Big Planet 3 might have been a completely unique and different experience for us, who are not really used to these types of games. However, despite this the game is still very fun to play through.

The game feels rather basic but there is still the odd challenge thrown into the mix. In the later stages of the game we had finally hit a bit of a difficulty curve. Thankfully this did not stop us from enjoying what the game had to offer.

Overall Little Big Planet 3 has its own unique charm and humour about it. It is certainly worth purchasing now that it can be found at a cheap price.

I would recommend it for anyone who may be seeking out a basic and fun little challenge for all the family.

Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: November, 2014
Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4
Genre: Puzzle, Platform
Main Story Length: 10-12 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 4
Overall Rating: 4/5


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