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Yet another one of my unboxing reviews. This time we have the Nintendo Switch (MH Monster Hunter Rise edition). Plus a few other essentials too.

As an owner of mostly all of the current-gen systems now, including the Playstation 5, XBox Series X, and if it counts, a capable gaming Laptop too. The only thing missing was the Nintendo Switch.

I was never a big fan of the Nintendo Wii, it just lacks the type of games I wanted so for a while I was put off buying the Nintendo Switch due to this. I’m not a big Mario fan, although I do tend to have a small crush on his brother Luigi. All around though, I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Nintendo mascots and icons.

However, now that the Nintendo Switch is five years old I have noticed that the line-up of games for it has improved over its last predecessor. So, with this, I decided to make the long overdue purchase.

I did a bit of research on what the Nintendo Switch was capable of and the overall difference between both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. With the former being able to act as both a handheld device and a console that is also capable to run on the TV, it seemed like a great addition for my collection. It gives fans the best of both worlds. Unlike with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which limits itself by being an exclusive handheld device.

During my research I also managed to stumble across the Limited edition Monster Hunter Rise edition too. It was obviously a bit more pricier, given that it was more unique and different to most of the Nintendo Switch models out there. However, I would class myself as a big fan of the Monster Hunter series. I even managed to get the Platinum trophy for Monster Hunter World, yes it was quite the grind and it took me well over a month to pull it off. Still it was worth it.

So here we are, I am now an official owner of the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch edition. Lets get to unboxing it, shall we?

As I did purchase this from the official Nintendo Store, the box itself was not actually just a normal cardboard box. In fact it had traces of Mario all over it. I found this to be quite a nice touch.

Needless to say the Nintendo Switch, as it is a Monster Hunter Rise edition, also managed to come with some rather nice artwork all over it. This time in the way of the award nominated title to go alongside the edition itself.

The box managed to feature artwork from the game itself, which includes the rather large cast of characters and, as expected, a picture of the actual Nintendo Switch. All of which was rather nice.

For those who might be wondering, the Monster Hunter Rise edition comes with the Deluxe Kit DLC and bonus content. It also comes complete with a code which allows you to download the Monster Hunter Rise video game. You will basically be getting the Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition, so everything that has been advertised for that specific edition will be included.

When opening the box, we will of course, be given all of the necessary essentials. This includes the following;

  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • x2 Joy-cons
  • AC Adaptor
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • HDMI Cable

This is all quite normal when purchasing any Nintendo Switch. The box will contain everything that is required to get you going with your new purchase. The only thing you will need to do is get around to the all important gaming!

However, since this is a Monster Hunter Rise version, we will be given extra bonus artwork. As seen on the joy-cons, Switch console, and the Nintendo Switch Dock.

I have yet to play Monster Hunter Rise but apparently the artwork is meant to resemble Magnamalo, the game’s flagship monster. Which is clearly seen on the Nintendo Dock.

The joy-cons or controllers can be attached and re-attached to the Nintendo Switch device, depending on if you plan on playing through the handheld option or via the TV.

In order to play via the TV you simply need to connect the Nintendo Switch console and Dock together. The Dock is basically used to read the console. Similarly to a card reader, so to speak.

The Switch Dock comes with various connections, including USB, HDMI, and the Power Outlet. It is mainly used when connecting to the TV, it does not feature any other purpose.

My review on the system so far is that the controller is much smaller than compared to either the XBox Series X or Playstation 5 controllers. It might take some time to get used to.

The Switch Dock is also rather novelty too. It is certainly a different way than what I am used to when trying to connect a console to the TV. Though, this is all mainly due to the Nintendo Switch being able to transform into a TV console and a handheld device. Not many consoles can do that.

Overall I am happy with my purchase. Everything was very easy to set up and I had no problems switching between each available play style.

The only minor issue I may have in the future is potentially loosing something. The joy-cons are really small.

However, I came prepared. By this, I mean I have recently bought, alongside the Nintendo Switch a few new extra essentials. These essentials do NOT come with the Nintendo Switch. Instead they were both purchased separately.

As the joy-cons are rather small, as too are the games and memory cards that the Nintendo Switch obviously need. An easier way to get around this is by purchasing a new carry case for it.

One such carry case includes one by the company over at STEALTHGAMING.

The STEALTHGAMING Premium Travel Case is said to be available for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

It allows the case to be opened and closed using a secure zip, giving your adorable Nintendo Switch that extra much needed protection.

It also has an inner mesh pocket allowing you to store any memory cards or games. Which is great for when you are out and away from home. It also helps remove the need for carrying any extra unnecessary baggage. You can also store the joy-cons in here too, if one wishes to do so. Alternatively you can always just keep the joy-cons attached to the console too.

Additionally there is also an extra storage pouch that allows you to store even more games and memory cards, if one wishes to do so.

Whenever you plan on going mobile with your Nintendo Switch, a carry case is always essential to have. This one is a rather good addition due to its ability to store extra games and memory cards. Plus due to its tough outer shell, it also gives you a peace of mind knowing that your Switch baby will be fine and protected.

I am happy with this purchase and it was at an affordable price too of £6.99.

The Nintendo Switch requires a memory card where your game data will be stored. If you have ever owned a Sony PSP device, then this will no doubt be familiar. So I also bought an extra memory card due to this fact. The Nintendo Switch comes with 32 GB already on it. Though, this is probably considered to be rather small considering that many games are actually over 30 GB.

So to increase your data and storage you can purchase microSDHC or microSDXC cards.

I managed to purchase a 256 GB microSDXC for £45.99. Though they usually range between £20-£60, depending on the size and storage space.

Always make sure you are fully ready for that next move into the gaming world!


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