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Since originally being announced back in 2012 and after many delayed heartaches the day has finally come, as the much highly anticipated Action RPG title ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ has finally been released to the world

Cyberpunk 2077 lets players explore the world of Night City in an emotional and action packed story, packed with consequences and lovable characters including Jackie!

With dialogue options throughout giving players freedom to experience different outcomes, which for us was what interested us the most about the game. There is just this amazing feeling of being able to explore different routes and paths that you may never of experienced before, this also helps with replayability for the game too. Games are all about having freedom and to live a life outside of the real world, are they not?

Anyway we will try not to ramble on too much as this page is more about unboxing the Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors Edition rather than the actual game itself, so let us begin!

So our new box arrived from the mail and my was it much bigger than first expected and heavy too! In fact my hands and arms are still practically shaking ha!

Anyway the game arrived and we began to cut open the cardboard box that the game was nicely packed in.

Thankfully the box was easy enough to pull out as it comes with a very lovely and much needed handle, great for carting about and of course getting out of cardboard boxes!

Unfortunately some collector’s editions don’t come with handles and take ages to unpack, especially if you enjoy saving the cardboard boxes that they tend to come in.

Anyway we managed to take the Cyberpunk 2077 box out of the cardboard to reveal the lovely Playstation 4 logo (Yes, we choose the Playstation version of the game). This box was also only the outer packaging too, we had not yet even opened up the actual thing yet.

Anyway the outer packaging also featured pictures of the actual Collector’s Edition contents too. Also, for those wondering that IS a Cyberpunk 2077 Computer Chair that you can see in the background, had it for some time now too. Speaking of the actual chair it is really comfortable and highly worth the purchase!

After marvelling over the picture of male V we then continued to open the rest of the box.

Next up was the main box itself that everything was currently stored in, this of course all came in the style of what seems to be V’s apartment block within the game itself.

Excuse the Laptop wire that seems to of made itself present within the pictures ha! I was in the process of doing some work related jobs until the mail came hehe…

I actually own The Witcher 2 collector’s edition (though sadly it is elsewhere at present as I am away from home), anyway despite being made by the same team I really don’t remember it being as big as the Cyberpunk 2077 collector’s box ha!

Anyway moving on..

We had finally reached the main course so to speak, as next up was the unboxing of the game itself and of course the V statue!

For the purpose of this page we will begin with the statue..

As you can probably see (sorry I was using a phone to take pictures with), but the statue of course came in a lovely tight Styrofoam packaging, part of me was also expecting it to come as a complete statue too.

However, it wasn’t quite like that as it turned out..

In fact the statue came in three different parts and thus you practically had to fix it up into a single statue yourself.

I was also thinking of ditching the Styrofoam too until I noticed the lovely Cyberpunk 2077 logo on it.

Sorry if it seems like I posted duplicate pictures too, I mainly did this as some of the pictures are perhaps not the best quality but I still of course wanted to get the point across.

Anyway we hummed and scratched our heads for a bit as we tried to work out how to fit the statue together, it didn’t take long though. Generally using the outer Playstation 4 packaging for a general ideas to how the statue was meant to look.

Yes, another statue to add to my ever growing collection. I’ll admit I really don’t have room for these kinds of things but it never seems to stop me surprisingly enough.

I also have quite the litter of boxes too, all of which have the original boxes in too. So many in fact that it is often the topic of conversation whenever someone enters ha!

Anyway, I’m quite impressed with the quality of the statue. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that I’ll be choosing to play as a Corpo and it is a Corpo agent who is getting a bike to the face. However, the detail is really great that even the art on the bike has really seen some effort too, something so small and could easily be passed off.

The base even has some trash items on it too, amazing work that really these poor photos cannot do it justice really.

Anyway next up was the box with the game itself and the GAME exclusive Postcards and Artbook.

So everything else seemed to come boxed in a shoe box type container, which also managed to feature the Cyberpunk 2077 logo.

After opening it, one side of the box had a surprise on it. This surprise was a bunch of autographs which was not actually advertised.

As an autograph collector this came as a pleasant surprise. It also goes to show just how many people (if that even shows all of them) actually work on the game.

On the other side was the advertised stickers and Artbook..

The artbook (though only briefly looked at) seemes to contain a lot of information regarding the locations within Night City, complete with highly detailed pictures too.

Giving a much better and detailed focus on what exactly is going on in the world.

Next up was the stickers and the cool looking (which I have only recently learnt) the Samurai logo too.

Again sorry about the image quality, hopefully it isn’t too bad though.

I’m not sure what to do regarding the stickers and Samurai patch, maybe stick them on my Playstation or something ha! I don’t know…

Anyway these come in small black boxes of which there are four of, three of which are different sets of stickers.

Last up in this ‘shoebox’ container is something that I’m unsure if I want to open or not, but it is the NCPD (which of course stands for Night City Police Department) Evidence booklet (I assume). Not really sure what it is but it comes in it’s own wrapping and has 3RD Edition written on.

Okay, that is mostly everything shown now. The only stuff still remaining is the game itself and what that actually comes with.

Oh! I almost forgot, this ‘shoebox’ style container also comes with a special Cyberpunk 2077 Steelbook to store the game discs in, here are a few pictures of what that looks like… (With Cyberpunk 2077 you actually get two discs, one for installing the game and the other for the game itself)

Okay lets check out the game sleeve shall we?

Considering that I reside in the United Kingdom, the only option and available place for me to be able to purchase the Collector’s Edition was at GAME.

GAME apparently was adding special Cyberpunk 2077 Postcards with the game too as a pre-order incentive, though they had me at being the only place to purchase the Collector’s Edition anyway.

I at present have also opted not to open these neither but I’ll still show you a basic picture of some of them anyway.

I doubt I’ll be using them as actual Postcards myself but the images seem to be nice. Perhaps this one is of one of the many nightclubs within the game? ‘Coyote Cojo’ it apparently written on it.

I truth be told have not had the chance to play the game so I am unsure as to what this location is. I’m writing this as the game installs on my Playstation ha!

Anyway next up we have the World Compendium, which for some reason the lighting in the room was not fond of. So again I have decided to post multiple pictures in hopes that at least one picture can stand out ha!

You just have to love how my Laptop wire keeps having random photo bombs ha!

Anyway this compendium is much smaller than the Artbook, it also comes with less pager too all of which are in black and white.

Still it gives a nice indication on the world of Night City (again only briefly read)

Okay, almost there now. The only thing I have not yet featured is the Night City map…

I’ll probably frame this on my wall at some point. As you can see it is still rather nice, though not exactly featured on fabric like some maps in game boxes are.

You do get a general feel of how big the city is, each area seems to be marked on it too like Pacifica and Westbrook.

Anyway that about covers the collectors edition all in time for the install to finish doing its thing too, so I’ll be off to Night City. Already have my tickets booked and everything…

EDIT (2/7/2021): I now have the Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie Wells (PVC Statue – Dark Horse). Pictures coming soon…


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