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Well on Wednesday January 6th, 2020 I received a new Laptop through the mail. This new computer of course being the HP Omen 17-cb1523na .

The HP Omen 17-cb1523na was released back in July, 2020 and is currently going for around £1,500 – £1,999 on most websites.

For the price of the machine it packs quite a punch and so far we are rather happy with our purchase.


As we opened the bag that our new beast came in, we found ourselves feeling rather happy to know that the box that it comes in actually features a carrying handle. We have stated this before in other unboxing reviews but this we feel should be a mandatory features for all or most things these days, as it provides an easy way to cart things about.

Being a machine that is often used for carting about and using outside of the home, it just makes sense so we where happy about this aspect.

Anyway we then began opening the box in order to get to the meat of the product, to find that it is all really well packaged.

It comes with a nice protector sheet which can help keep the dirt and dust off the machine.

At this point we where also surprised to see the Laptop was first to show itself, looking rather shiny and wearing the lovely Omen HP logo.

At first we where unsure if this was actually 17 inches as it looked smaller than my other computers. However, we then later realised that this was because of the very thin edges around the screen. It, also unlike our other computers is designed a bit differently in regards to how the screen joins up to the rest of the computer.

It seems to join up at the middle rather than the whole thing being attached, we where quite surprised by this and it may also come as one of the many drawbacks too as it feels flimsy and perhaps easy to break if you do not use extreme caution.

Here we will compare it with our other Laptop to show you the difference.

NOTE: Our other Laptop is an Asus VivoBook 17 (which isn’t actually classed as a Gaming Laptop)

So yes, just a word of caution when it comes to lifting your Laptop just in case something does happen. Though given the price of this beast you would expect to be careful with it anyway.

Also in the box (since this it an unboxing as well as a sort of review too), we will talk more about the Laptop itself in a bit.

Anyway, hiding in the box underneath the actual Laptop is the Instructions Booklet and Power Cord and Power Supply

As you can probably see the Power Supply is actually quite large (much larger than our other Laptops). The cable that connects to the Power Supply and Laptop is also rather short too (again much shorter than our other Laptops)

Thus if you plan on sitting far from any nearby Power Sockets you may find yourself at a struggle if you plan to keep your Laptop connected. However, this can easily be remedied with an extra Power Extension.

Okay back to the Laptop itself now. I have noticed that it can be a bit of a dust and fingerprints magnet, so another word of warning for those who may be unaware. It is also rather heavy too, not really surprising though considering the amount of hardware it’s packing.

However, compared to my Asus VivoBook it is perhaps not as good as I do feel like my Asus benefits more with a much more stable monitor connection (as mentioned before) and I do enjoy a much lengthier Power Cable too as I do tend to keep my Laptop connected at all times. So for me personally in terms of actual build design, my Asus VivoBook does win in this ‘head to head battle’.

I do like the RGB colours on the HP Omen keyboard though, this is a feature that my Asus doesn’t not have unfortunately. BUT the keyboard does have a set colour system meaning you cannot change it from it’s typical default colours of Orange, Purple and Blue.

Of course the option to upgrade the hardware is also there should you choose to do so, most of which can be done so by going to the back of the system itself.

Also, for those wondering. The air for the Laptop comes out from the back and the right side. This may be another unfortunate problem too for those like me prefer to use a Mouse instead of the touchpad. As the slot of the Mouse is also positioned on the right side of the Laptop.

Thus don’t be surprised to feel hot air every now and then when using the mouse. Though it can be annoying sometimes, I do plan to use a controller for most of my gaming when the option to do so presents itself and other than the occasional video editing I won’t be using this Laptop outside of that as I have other machines for everything else.


Despite the perhaps design problems it may or may not have compared to other Laptops, it is still a powerful machine.

Though, please note I’m a NEW person to the world of PC gaming, I usually find myself playing console games over PC.

However, for a while now I have wanted to get into PC gaming as I do see a lot of games being preferred to on that specific system, alongside the wonders of community mods, to enhance gameplay ability and again is limited to the PC.

So aside from the design this Laptop does pack a punch in terms of hardware and this is where it truly shines, being able to play a vast range of popular PC games, including; Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5 and more! (If the official websites and benchmarks are to be believed)

Anyway, here is a quick rundown of the different specs that can be found within the system…

TypeGaming laptop
Operating systemWindows 10
Processor– Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor
– Hexa-core
– 2.6 GHz / 5.0 GHz
– 12 MB cache
RAM16 GB DDR4 (2933 MHz)
Graphics card– NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
– 8 GB GDDR6
Storage– 1 TB HDD (7200 rpm)
– 512 GB SSD
Screen size17.3″
Screen typeIPS LCD
ResolutionFull HD 1920 x 1080p
Screen features– 144 Hz display
– Anti-glare
WiFi– Dual band AX WiFi
– 2×2
EthernetGigabit Ethernet port
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
USB– USB Type-C x 1
– USB 3.0 x 3
Video connections– Thunderbolt 3 x 1
– HDMI 2.0 x 1
– Mini DisplayPort x 1
Audio connections3.5 mm jack
Other connectionsMiracast
Audio softwareDTS:X Ultra
SpeakersDual speakers
Disc driveNo
Memory card readerSD
CameraHD webcam
Mouse / trackpadMulti-touch trackpad with gesture control
KeyboardRGB backlit membrane keyboard with numeric keypad
Battery type4-cell Lithium polymer
ColourShadow black
Box contents– HP OMEN 17 17.3″ Gaming Laptop (17-cb1523na)
– AC adapter
– Power cord
– Battery
– Documentation
Dimensions29.9 x 405 x 285 mm (H x W x D)
Weight2.25 kg

I have also managed to test the Laptop on the highly anticipated title, Baldur’s Gate 3. Unfortunately it is the only title that I have been able to run thus far until I purchase more games that is. As I said I’m new to the world of PC gaming and thus the titles I have for the system is quite small.

Though, for those interested in Baldur’s Gate 3 I can safely say that this title runs really well on the HP Omen Laptop.

Forever remaining at a constant 70-130FPS, with the drops being rather minimal depending on your location within the game and it is normal for PC games anyway. I have never seen a PC game run at 100+FPS throughout the entire game, especially without dropping. So all in all I myself am quite happy with my purchase.

I, for those wondering, was running Baldur’s Gate 3 on Ultra-High settings. Here are a few proof pictures where I used the Steam Framerate feature to test the game.

As you can hopefully see, we are forever above the consoles limits of 30-60fps. Going from 135FPS in the first picture to 90FPS in the second, it doesn’t really drop much from there.


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