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I have been eyeing this specific Funko Pop for a while now, having originally watched The Simpsons as a kid growing up and Moe Szyslak having been my favourite character in the show. However, as I got older I stopped watching the show, up until recently that is. With the current on-going COVID pandemic things have been tough and I have seen and had a lot of free time on my hands, during some of this free time I ended up getting back into The Simpsons show, once again.

I am now somewhat caught up with the show and must of binge watched a total of 20-30 years worth of episodes during that time, what can I say I’m hooked once again. Plus after many years since I last watched the show, the bartender Moe Szyslak is still my favourite too. I think Moe Szyslak is my favourite character because I feel like I can relate in certain ways. What I also like is that his potential wife in the show (Maya) is someone else I can relate to too, such as having a disability for example. I am currently up to Season 32 of the show as we speak and look forward to watching Season 33 at some point in the future.

Anyway enough about me, this page is not really about that but, instead, more about the new Funko Pop that I recently purchased. So let us get on to the actual proper topic here.

The Simpsons Funko Pops have been going on for quite a while now, well since 2019 anyway when the first wave of Funko Pop figures got released. The first wave managed to include Bart Simpson, Bartman, Grampa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Marge Simpson, Mr. Burns, Radioactive Man, and of course my husbando Moe Szyslak. So yes, this specific Pop Funko is part of the first official wave of The Simpsons Funko Pops.

As they were originally released back in 20019 these are, as expected, rather difficult to track down and get hold of now. The only real place you can get one of these now is on sites such as Ebay, but if you are lucky there are still good reputable business sellers out there.

Regarding the box in which the Funko Pop comes in, it is rather small as expected from Funko Pop figures. Lets be honest they are not that big. It also states that it is numbered 500, having numbers on the boxes of Funko Pop figures is normal and every Funko Pop figure has them. It is basically how the company that creates the figures work.

For those who may be unaware, the numbers on the Funko Pop figures usually define when they were created and released. For example, Moe here has the number 500, which means he was created after 499 other Pop Vinyl figures. However, these said Pop Vinyl figures are all connected to the same category, which in this case is Television. Meaning, long story short, Moe came after 499 other Pop Vinyl figures that are also in the Television category. This, according to the box, also includes Radioactive Man, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Grampa Simpson. However, the likes of Mr. Burns and Bartman came after Moe as they all have higher numbers. So no, Moe isn’t the 500th Moe Pop Vinyl out there, if it was then I’d have quite a bit of tracking down to do ha! At present this is the only currently available Moe Pop Vinyl figure available.

Once removed from the box, the figure itself sits in a nice protective packaging. Though you can also get a proper protective case for both the box and figure now, these often come separately for around £10.

The figure itself is roughly around 4-5 inches tall, as is usually the case for Pop Funko Vinyl figures. So its a great collectors item for those with little room.

As for the figure itself, for the size you get the quality is nice. It manages to show Moe in his usual and iconic bartender clothing featuring the dark blue overall and grey pants. Plus as an extra bonus he is also holding a small towel as if he were about to go and clean some beer mugs.

Overall I’m happy with the purchase, I can’t really fault it. The colours are spot on and I love his massive head, for which Funko Pops are known for. I also love that his hair seems to have lumps in it to signify the character’s sort of curly hair. I also love his little ”cauliflower ears”. In fact I just love everything about him, Moe has and will always be my favourite!

Off subject a bit, I only wish that after so many years it is disappointing to find that within the collection of The Simpsons memorabilia there are no real statues. I would love a dynamic Moe statue where he is holding a mug of beer or something. Alas though I couldn’t seem to find any. I’m more of a statue collector than a Funko Pop collector, not that I have any issue with Funko Pops I just prefer larger statues as the detail tends to stand out more that way.


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