LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Stolen Knowledge (Side Mission) Guide

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Stolen Knowledge is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Coruscant.

This mission will involve finding the holocron thief

QUEST: Stolen Knowledge
LOCATION: Federal District – Jedi Temple (Archives)

Head to the Federal District – Jedi Temple (Archives) in order to find and speak with Jocasta Nu. Apparently someone has managed to break into the vault and steal some precious holocrons.

Our job now is to investigate and find clues as to who might have stolen the holocrons. We will find this person whilst still inside the Jedi Temple. They will be in the Jedi Temple Lobby.

After getting clues from the locals we will find out that the thief is potentially a ‘tall woman who ran off in an air taxi’

We will now want to make our way to the Uscru District and to the Street Snack Corner. Here we will find a vendor we can speak to for more information. We will now find out that the thief ran off to Tatooine.

Make your way over to Tatooine – Mos Espa. Here we can find a Civilian over at the Shopping District. Speaking to them and we will learn that there was a big fight involving a bounty hunter and a merchant.

We will now need to fly on over to Naboo – Theed. Once you land make your way over to the Waterfront to find a Civilian who will mention a ‘bounty hunter with a long ponytail’ and point in the direction of their location.

We now need to head to the Palace Plaza where we will find our target on top of a building rooftop. In order to get to the rooftop we will have to use the Force ability to use the nearby equipment as a sort of elevator lift.

Once on the rooftop we will find our client, Aurra Sing. Who will then throw a smoke bomb and try to run off.

This will then trigger a chase and we will now need to capture Aurra Sing. Simply deplete Aurra’s health in order for her to stop running around.

Speak to Aurra Sing and then it will be time to fly on over to Naboo Space.

Whilst in Naboo Space we will then have to fly around and collect a total of 5 holocrons. This basically means we have to fly through the various large yellow circles.

Once you have successfully managed to fly through all 5 holocron circles, we can then report back to Jocasta Nu.

This will complete the mission


  • Search around the Jedi Temple for witnesses to the holocron theft
  • Search for the holocron thief in Uscru District
  • Search for the holocron thief in Mos Espa
  • Search for the holocron thief somewhere that rhymes with ”Seed” on ”Blahoo”
  • Catch Aurra Sing
  • Speak to Aurra Sing
  • Gather the holocrons floating in space
  • Return the holocrons to Jocasta Nu


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