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Rescue Wulbren is a Baldur’s Gate III (BG3) side quest that can be acquired during act 2. In order to get this quest there are two others that you will need to do as this is a continuation of the storyline of Barcus Wroot.

First you need to have completed Save the Gnome at the start without throwing Barcus across the map. You also need to have completed the quest Save the Grymforge Gnomes.


Avenge the Ironhands Quest

Unlocking the Rescue Wulbren Quest

Assuming you have completed the required quests listed above and Barcus is alive and well, you will be able to talk to him in your camp. Barcus informs you that his friend was taken to the Moonrise Towers.

Find Wulbren

Rescue Wulbren the gnome

Once in the Moonrise Towers, head over to the left and down the stairs into the prison. The first cells you come across will hold Tieflings that need to be saved for the Save the Tieflings quest. You can talk to them if you want but they will direct you to talk to the gnomes. The guard may also get in the way.

Head further in and find Wulbren in one of the cells. When you talk to him a guard will get suspicious and interrupt your conversation. You’ll need a Persuasion or Deception check to get him to go back to his duties. After you will be able to listen to Wulbren’s plan.

Wulbren’s plan

Wulbren may be warry after watching you dismiss the guard so easily. You’ll need another Persuasion or Deception check to ease his worries and convince him you are on his side.

After that he will tell you that they already have a plan to get out and just need a tool. There are several different methods in which we can actually find and acquire one.

You can sneak into the wardens office to find Wulbren’s hammer but this is a challenging stealth task. Even with good stealth you will need to talk your way around the warden, climb a ladder while she isn’t looking, take out a monitoring eye up there and then hope you pass the stealth check while grabbing the hammer.

Alternatively, if you can give him any bludgeoning weapon you have on you. You won’t get it back but it will still save you a headache.

Prison Break

Once Wulbren has his weapon you can tell him to start.

To minimise the chance of any of the gnomes or Tieflings getting killed start combat early and kill the guards and warden while they are safely in their cells. This is the only way to guarantee a safe break out. And also means going into the warden’s office and looting all the things they took from the prisoners is much easier when everyone is dead.

If you are not averse to violence you can do this before giving Wulbren the weapon and give him his hammer this way.

Once you tell Wulbren you are ready he moves to the back of the cell and breaks down the wall. He’s fairly sneaky about it so if you have not cleared the room of guards they will not notice until the wall has been broken and the gnomes are already running.

Combat will start and you will need to defend the gnomes and Tieflings as they run for a boat. Defeat the guards and warden, then make for the Last Light Inn to give Barcus the good news.

The Last Light Inn

At the Last Light In, you can find Barcus in the corner. He may not have even realised that you got Wulbren back but will be thrilled to hear the news. He will run over and the two will have a…reunion. Regardless of your choices in that conversation Barcus will give you his Brilliant Retort bomb that can do 12-24 force damage.

Without Combat

As always there is a way through this without combat this one is tricky, more dependent on your character’s build and you will miss out on all the loot the Warden has stored away.

If you would like to do it this way the key to being able to get through this without combat is being able to slow down the guards. When the doors to the cells open, you’ll need to rush down into the tunnel the gnomes have broken into.

Use the spell stone wall or a scroll on the entrance to slow down pursuit. While the gnomes go to free the Tieflings, you and your party should work on breaking the chains holding your getaway boat in place.

Should you break the boat free in time you will be able to sail away and escape without having taken a life.  

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