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During Chapter 2 – Newcomers you will be tasked with getting the sulphur and alcohol. These are located inside the chests. The problem is, these chests are surrounded by rats.

At first trying to reach these chests might seem a bit daunting and not really obvious. However, it should not really be that difficult as thankfully we have our trusty slingshot. The slingshot will be very important and helpful during this particular section.


You will come across a section during chapter 2 – Newcomers where we will need to retrieve the chests that contain both the sulphur and alcohol.

The problem is these chests are typically in hard to reach locations. It can be a bit of a puzzle trying to work out how to actually reach them. They are also in separate rooms too

The chest containing the alcohol is in a room to the right. Whilst the chest containing the sulphur is in a room to the left.

Sometimes we may even encounter a ‘few friends’ that will be waiting for us. By friends, I actually mean hostile critters and by few, I mean quite a lot actually. Yes, we will be encountering lots of rats that need to be dealt with.

So in order to get these chests we will need to solve a small puzzle. All whilst making sure we do not get nibbled at by the local wildlife.


In order to reach the chest containing the alcohol, we will need to head right into a room full of rats. Here we can see the chest over on a platform to the left. How do we get there though?

Well to begin with we will need to get out our slingshot and aim it at the food hanging from the wooden bar above. The food will then drop down to the ground below, where the rats are.

More importantly though, with the meat (food) now out of the way we can try to narrowly walk over to the next platform on the right. We will basically be going counter clockwise around the room.

When you reach the next platform you should get an idea of what to do next. If you look across towards the next platform you should notice more food for the rats. Go ahead and use your slingshot and let the rats enjoy their next meal

The food will not drop on the floor below this time, instead it will drop on the platform. Meaning that we can now take the ladder down.

After heading down to the ground below we want to quickly climb up the next set of ladders. Here on this platform we will find the chest containing the alcohol


In order to find the chest containing sulphur we will want to head to the room on the left, in the opposite direction of the room containing the alcohol. Then take the ladders up to the next platform.

Up here we will find a crank, this crank will operate the elevator lift. Unfortunately as soon as we bring the elevator up and let go of the crank, the elevator will automatically go back down again. Hm..

In order to stop the elevator from falling back down again we will need to instruct Lucas to operate the crank instead. In order to do this we need to highlight the crank and press the required button. (Y – XBox)

Now we can use the elevator to cross over to the other side, to where a cart resides. We can now push this cart.

Push this cart over the elevator, which should still be up thanks to Lucas. We now need to lower the elevator with the cart on top of it.

In order to stop Lucas from operating the elevator we need to highlight our companion (LB – XBox) and then press the required button (Y – XBox). Lucas should then loose interest in the crank and re-join you.

Now continue pushing the cart and move it to the ledge on the left. Up here is where the chest containing the sulphur resides.


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