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Crocodile is a trophy achievement that can be unlocked within (COD) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It requires players to Shoot three enemies while underwater

This particular trophy achievement can be unlocked during Mission 3 – Wetwork. We can earn ourselves either a Silver trophy or 30G, depending on the chosen platform.


The Crocodile trophy achievement can be unlocked during mission 3 – Wetwork. Here we will be exploring Amsterdam.

During this mission we will find ourselves having to swim around the ocean towards a pier. Here we can also find the P890 pistol.

When we reach this pier we will notice that it is being patrolled by enemy soldiers.


When you reach mission 3 – Wetwork and begin swimming around the Amsterdam ocean, make your way towards the pier. Here Price will mention that we should start with the enemy soldier on the first pier, which is exactly what we should be doing!

However, when you get close to this pier make sure to dive under the water. This allows us to navigate without being caught. More importantly, by exploring under water we can also find a body. This body will be carrying the P890 pistol, make sure to grab it.

Once you have the P890 pistol we can then try to locate our enemy soldiers. Price will suggest that we kill our enemies quietly and then head to the barge. Thankfully we can do just that with our new found pistol.

However, in order to unlock the ‘Crocodile’ trophy achievement we will need to eliminate our enemies whilst remaining underwater. So dive back under and aim at your target.

We need to eliminate a total of 3 enemy targets whilst remaining underwater. We can find our first target at the first pier. Our remaining targets are a little more north. By the boats. When you are getting closer to your targets Price will warn you ‘Don’t get compromised’

This is a bit of a stealth mission to be cautious. Then once you have found your second target, the final target will not be too far away. They should both be on the same pier.


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