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When you are tasked with following the blood trail it will lead you to a room within Powers Club, a location within Gotham City. It is actually the Court of Owls hideout. We will get this mission during case 2.2. In this room we will encounter a puzzle that will need to be solved.

This puzzle will involve using a spotlight and then turning various symbols on the table in order to form a shadow on the wall. These symbols represent various parts of a bird, from its feet to its wings. There are 4 symbols altogether, each one can be rotated around.

Here is how to solve this puzzle and unlock the door.

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Eventually you will be tasked with having to explore Powers Club, a location within Gotham City. Which is actually the Court of Owls hideout. During our investigation we will need to follow the blood trail.

Keep following the blood trail and you will notice some blood on the floor, more importantly there will be some blood at the wall. The trail seems to have stopped here. For the trail to suddenly stop at the wall, it does not seem right.

We will then need to use the AR to scan for clues. So go ahead and begin inspecting the room for clues. The main clue that we are looking for is the spotlight by the doorway.

Analyse the spotlight and then we will need to solve a puzzle.


After you have analysed the spotlight in the room we will then need to solve a puzzle. This spotlight will now be connected to the table in the middle of the room.

This table will have around 4 objects that can be turned and rotated and every time you rotate one, it will then be reflected on to the wall. Basically these objects or symbols represent a part of a bird, from its feet to its wings. You will need to rotate these symbols to work out which ones represent which part of the bird.

(NOTE: Going from left to right – Feet, Body, Right Wing, Left Wing. As seen in the picture above)

Okay what we need to do is project a bird, or rather an owl, on to the wall. We can do this by moving the symbols in this specific order

Move The Feet Once (This will point the owl’s feet to the right. As seen in the picture above)

Move The Body Twice (This will position the body in line with the feet)

Move The Right Wing Three Times (The right wing will now be pointed to the left)

Move The Left Wing Four Times (So that it is positioned just above the right wing)

Once you have successfully managed to complete the puzzle the secret door will then reveal the passage to the Court of Owls. So that is why the blood trail suddenly stopped at the wall. It lead to a secret door.


Follow the blood trail

Continue following the blood trail

Use AR to scan for clues

Activate the spotlight

Solve the puzzle


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