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During the main story case 3.1 we will get to explore the Owl’s Nest. We will gain access to the nest after finding and unlocking a particular door.

Whilst exploring the nest we will come across a document regarding a victim named Alexander Moreno. We will then need to investigate further.

This will then lead to having to solve a puzzle using the map of The West End. We also need to figure out what the Court’s instructions are.

Our clues to the Court’s instructions are hidden within the cards, which are also located on the table. As well as the brass pegs.

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After unlocking the door and reaching the Owl’s Nest we will then be tasked with searching and looking for clues.

One such clue is a document within the room. This document is located on a small table to the right., by one of the candles. Analyse and inspect this document.

This document will be regarding a victim known as Alexander Moreno. It seems that the Court of Owls ordered the hit on Moreno.

We need to keep searching for more clues.


In order to be able to find more clues and progress further with the game we will need to direct our attention to the table on the left now.

This table will have a map of The West End, alongside several cards. These cards hold the answers to the clues that we need to find. These cards include the following; OFASIEDE Card, HWOP Card, DIEDE Card, and the NIERWE Card.

Also on this table is the Court of Owls Order, which represents another command from the court. Besides the court order is a tiny Brass Peg. These are quite small, so are perhaps easy to miss. There are 5 of these brass pegs altogether.

Take note of these brass pegs as they all tend to point in different directions. For example, one of these brass pegs is said to point in a north-east direction. Towards Otisburg. Whilst another brass peg points south-east towards the Truman Federal Building. Examining the others we will find out that they point either north towards Bohler Avenue or west towards Gotham River. However, we only really need to use one of these pegs to determine and solve this one.


We will now need to determine both the Court’s instructions and where the target location can be found.

Now to solve this one, if you haven’t already worked it out. Then start by examining the cards, by doing this you should notice that they all have different pictures on them.

One of the pictures on the cards actually match the picture on the Court of Owls Order. This card is the OFASIEDE Card. Which, when analysed, reads that Ofasiede means to ”Purge” and to ”Kill all who trespass’. So this basically indicates what the Court of Owls are planning to do.

To figure out where the target location is located, this answer is solved by inspecting the brass pegs. There is only one which indicates a location within Gotham City. This is the Gotham River peg.

Connect both the OFASIEDE Card and the Gotham River peg to solve this one.


Find the door

Search inside the Owl’s Nest

Scan the document

Investigate the table

What Is The Order About? –

What are the Court’s instructions?

Where is the target location?


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