Gotham Knights – Excavation Research (Case 3.2 Puzzle)

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During the main case 3.2 we will find ourselves at an excavation site. Whilst here we will be tasked with finding excavation research and extracting a viable sample.

This will involve having to scan for helpful nearby research and finding out which sample should be placed in the extractor.

We will find many core samples and many different chemicals and will need to determine which ones will solve our case.

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One of the first tasks that we will get when we reach the excavation site is to find the excavation research. There will be a total of 3 key research points that we will need to find and analyse altogether.

These key research points will include the sample drilling, which is basically the wall next to the Core Sample Wall sign. Here we will find that ore samples have been removed.

In order to find these ore samples we need to grapple up on to the platform above in order to find a table. On this table will be the spectrographic analyser. Next to this will be our ore samples. Analyse the ore samples in order to get confirmation that these were indeed taken and drilled out of the wall.

Our last bit of research is on a table in the area right of the ore samples. Here we can find yet more ore samples


Make your way into the extraction room and interact with the table here. On this table we will find various core samples. We can also go ahead and inspect the computer too.

On the computer there will be an email from A. Crowne regarding a breakthrough and that they discovered that the composite samples needed a different extraction treatment, which included sulfuric acid.

To the left there will be various chemicals including Cyanide, Ammonium Nitrate, and our Sulfuric Acid. Now if we inspect the sulfuric acid we will learn that more of this substance has been used. We can tell the reason why by inspecting the computer and the email from A. Crowne.

Now that we now what chemical we need to use (sulfuric acid) we then need to connect this chemical to the correct core sample.

When you inspect these core samples some of them will mention that they were used as part of a failed experiment. Whilst others simply do not react to the chosen chemicals. There is only one single core sample that has not been extracted yet.

The correct solution to this puzzle is to connect the sulfuric acid to the Core Sample (10588-COS). If you have done this correctly then our reward will be a substance known as Dionesium


Find excavation research 0/3

Search the Main Level

Investigate the extraction process

Extract A Viable Sample –

Which sample should be placed in the extractor?

Which chemical will extract material from the sample?


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