Gotham Knights – How To Activate The Mechanism (Case 2.2 Puzzle) Guide

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During the main story case 2.2 we will finally gain access to the Powers Club, which is basically the Court of Owls hideout.

As we continue through the mission case we will encounter a small puzzle that involves finding a hidden mechanism. This hidden mechanism is connected to a network and we need to activate this network.

In order to activate this network we will need to follow the various wires.

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As soon as we gain access to Powers Club our first mission objective will be to eliminate the nearby enemy threat. After that we can then begin to search the area for clues.

The first clue that we can find is the blood trail on the floor, make sure to find and analyse this. Next to one of the blood trails is a hidden mechanism.

We will now work out that this mechanism must be connected to a network. We now need to find a way to activate this network. In order to activate this network we will need to follow the wires.

So follow the wires from the hidden mechanism, it will lead to a lamp which currently does not have any power to it. From there we will then need to grapple up to the balcony above. We will now be on the second floor

Head through the door here. Then turn and head left into the room below. There will be more enemies patrolling the area. We can actually get a bonus for this mission, as long as we remain undetected.

In order to remain undetected we will need to make use of the nearby surrounding and use stealth attacks.

After dealing with the enemy patrol here we can then continue scanning the area and keep following the wires. The wires will actually be leading to a nearby statue bust, next to a chair.

Analyse this statue bust, upon doing so we will notice that this bust actually has a switch connected to it. This solves one of the switches, unfortunately we will now need to go and find the other switch.


In order to be able to locate and find the second switch we will need to make our way up the stairs, back to the second floor.

Then once at the top we will then need to make our way down the next following set of stairs. Then proceed to the lower floor.

Once on the lower floor you will then want to head to the right where you will find a sofa chair. If you scan this area you will also notice the wire leads here.

The wire actually leads to the book on the bookcase here, so go ahead and analyse it. You will then notice that this book is not really a book as it is hollowed out. Here we can find the second switch.

The wires will now be activated as we have now managed to find and activate both switches. We will now need to proceed through the double doors here.

These double doors will take us back to the room with the hidden mechanism. Since the wire is now active, so too is the lamp that we came across earlier.

Proceed and interact with the lamp and it will reveal a secret underground passage.


Enter the club

Defeat the security guards

Use AR to scan the area

Scan the hidden mechanism

Find A Way To Activate The Mechanism –

Follow the wires

Clear the guards from the club

Use AR to scan for clues

(BONUS: Remain undetected)

Press the button

Use AR to find the other switch

Flip the switch

Follow the activated wires


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