Gotham Knights – Finding The Hidden Bugs (Case 2.1 Puzzle) Guide

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During the main case 2.1 we will be tasked with reaching Penguin’s office. This will then result in learning about 3 hidden bugs within the office.

Our job is to locate and destroy the bugs. These are usually well hidden and requires us to thoroughly scan and analyse the room.

Whilst we are scanning the room for bugs Penguin will be sitting at his desk, how nice of him to let us scan his office.

Anyway here are the locations of all of the hidden bugs.

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After reaching Penguin’s office during mission case 2.1 we will then need to speak with Penguin in order to learn about the hidden bugs. It is our job to go and find these bugs, there will be a total of 3 hidden bugs altogether.

Okay in order to be able to find the first hidden bug we will need to go and inspect the rather large bust statue of Mr. Cobblepot that stands on display.

If we go ahead and analyse this bust statue we will notice that it has a listening device connected to it, go ahead and destroy this bug.

The second hidden bug is located inside the lamp which is situated on Penguin’s desk. So go ahead and analyse this and then destroy the bug.

The third and final hidden bug is located inside the plant, behind Penguin. Inspect this in order to then destroy this bug too.

Once you have successfully managed to find and destroy all 3 hidden bugs within Penguin’s Office, we can then continue on and proceed to speak with Penguin once again.


Reach The Penguin’s Office

Talk To The Penguin

Locate and destroy the bugs 0/3


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