Gotham Knights – Hidden Door Code (Case 1.1 Puzzle) Guide

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During the main story case 1.1 we will be tasked with having to solve a crime scene. This crime scene will involve the attack on Langstrom. It will also be our tutorial mission on solving crime scenes.

During this specific crime scene we will need to work out the correct code in order to open the hidden door. Meaning we will need to find and locate Langstrom’s secret passcode.

Here is how to solve this one..


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When you arrive the the crime scene you will be tasked with following the trail we begin doing this by inspecting the desk table.

Here we will find out that either the GCPD abandoned this scene rather quickly or that Langstrom was busy working when he was attacked, the dialogue differs depending on who you are playing as.

By inspecting this desk we will also discover that Langstrom tried to run but there was a struggle and he ended up being pinned to the wall. He didn’t have a chance of survival.

Just before Langstrom was killed it seemed as though he was trying to gain access to the cabinet for something.

Proceed to scan the floor underneath the cabinet and we should be able to discover a hidden mechanism. After analysing it we will discover that there is a secret passage behind this cabinet.

Inspect the desk table once again and we will get a tutorial on crime solving. After that we will also discover that in order to open the hidden door we will need to find Langstrom’s secret passcode.


When inspecting Langstrom’s desk you will find that there are quite a few things that we can interact and look at. Including the thermostat, microwave, Langstrom’s Tablet and more..

Upon inspecting all of these we will then figure out that perhaps Langstrom might have had some system in place that can unlock this secret door by using his tablet? However, we still need to find the code.

Keep inspecting this desk and you should come across the Old Movie Poster. On this poster there will be a code. 04-11-92. However, this is still not what we are looking for.

There is also a sticky note on the desk, which has an American phone number on it. With the area code being 127. This area is apparently not in Gotham City.

Now after inspecting the sticky note you will then want to inspect the microwave. Apparently the keypad on the microwave has been modified. It has room for three digits.

We will now come to the conclusion that the input device is the microwave and the passcode is 127. After solving the puzzle the secret door behind the cabinet will then be revealed.


Investigate the crime scene

Scan for clues

Investigate lab workstation

Find a way to open the hidden door –

Which input device unlocks the hidden door?

What is Langstrom’s secret passcode?


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