A Plague Tale Requiem – Mercy (Don’t Kill Guard At Docks) Guide

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Mercy is a trophy achievement within A Plague Tale Requiem. It requires players NOT to kill the guard at the docks. With this specific trophy achievement we can either earn ourselves 100G or a Gold Trophy, depending on the chosen platform

We can attempt to pull the Mercy trophy achievement off during Chapter 4 – Protector’s Duty. Where it will be possible to complete during the later parts of the chapter.

Here is how it is done…

CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Protector’s Duty
SUB-CHAPTER: Obligatory Cooperation
OBJECTIVE: Reach The Order’s Boat

Whilst we are tasked with having to reach the order’s boat and during the obligatory cooperation section of Chapter 4, we will come across one of the soldiers.

As we continue interacting with this soldier we will find ourselves helping each other. As the interaction starts coming to an end the soldier will then ask for help one last time. This time he wants us to lower the bridge so that we can get across and to the other side. To which Amicia agrees to help him.

In order to actually be able to help him we will need to get out our slingshot and combine it with the rock. We can then aim one of these rocks at the bridge that we need to lower. This bridge is situated right next to the soldier. Lower it and let him cross over to the other side.

From there point your attention to the rats that are scurrying around in the area to the left. Now the soldier will be making his way towards us so we need to be quick.

Once again equip your slingshot and this time we want to combine it with ignifer. As the soldier comes ever closer to us, he will now be determined that we need to turn and head home. Claiming that the law demands it.

So with that been said go ahead and aim your slingshot with the ignifer and aim at the soldier. The soldier won’t really do much at this point but again be quick. Our job now is to combine the slingshot with tar this time.

Aim the tar at the soldier and this will now blind him. Do not worry he will not be killed, not by our hands anyway. We need to get past him so a less lethal way to do this is to go ahead and blind him.

With the soldier hopefully now having been blinded we can then run past him and up the nearby set of stairs. Once at the top quickly head through the door.

Once you head through the door and providing that you did everything correctly, the Mercy trophy achievement should then be unlocked.


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