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In (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake there are various requests to be found and completed. Most of them resides near the merchant and the typewriter. Most obvious on walls and as blue notes.

These requests are similar to side quests in that they supply us with optional side activities. Sometimes we will be required to locate various collectibles, other times to destroy specific objects.

As a reward we are mostly rewarded with Spinels, which can then be sold for ptas to the merchant. Each chapter has at least one of these requests that we can try to solve.

Once you have successfully managed to completed the required task we can then speak with the merchant in order to complete it and move on to the next one.

The A Savage Mutt request sees us having to track down an aggressive dog. We can find this one in chapter 5

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REQUEST: A Savage Mutt (Defeat The Strong Threat)
AREA: Village Chief’s Manor
CHAPTER: Chapter 5
REWARD: x8 Spinel
DESCRIPTION: I need someone to get rid of the wild dog that’s been roaming around the village. It’ll be easy to spot, it’s not like normal dogs.


The request for this one can be found during chapter 5 and at the Town Hall merchant area.

Once you have collected the request proceed and head to the Village Chief’s Manor. You will not be fighting the savage mutt here though. Instead head through the back door of the manor and you should be able to locate the mutt on the other side of the gate. It will end up running off to the Village Square.

Run after it by heading to the Village Square. Here we will confront it. Defeat it in order to complete the request.


The Savage Mutt is basically a mutated dog that has been effected by the Las Plagas virus. It is much faster than any other ordinary dog and it even has tentacles that can attack you from long range distance.

Now these tentacles might look terrifying. It is also one of the Savage Mutt’s main attacks too. So in order to avoid this we want to keep our distance. Alternatively Flash Grenades can also come in handy too.


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